Now we know where the wonder troll is plying his trade :D

From the Rifles page on the army website::


Captain Leo Sayer, Unit Welfare Office , Pavillion Road, Beachley Barracks, Beachley, Chepstow, Monmouthshire , NP16 7HR . Tel: 01291 64 5358, Fax: 01291 64 5356, Mil Tel: 94357 5358. Working hours Mon to Fri. Out of hours Emergency contact 01291 645220

Well Well Well :wink:

Edited to add link :
I always felt he was god's way of telling the world to give up. :D
Thats amazing!!! Hats off to you sir for doing that!! :D :D
damn it!!! come on someone do it!! i aint got the balls and i dont mind admitting it :D

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