Now we know where Cameron really stands

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by frenchperson, Jun 7, 2007.

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  1. Yes. He is weak as p1ss

  2. No. He is a red-blooded, stwong as an ox, old Etonian

  3. Too early to say. He's a scheming tw@t

  4. I do not know

  1. David Cameron - Green or deepest Tory Blue? Following his recent climbdown / U turn / change of heart over Grammar Schools, have the environmentally concerned / hoody hugging / touchy feely credentials been exposed as a sham? Johann Hari thinks so in today's Independent.

    This is an excellent article. It's only opinion, but I suspect he's hit the nail on the head. Here we have a typical scheming tory ne'erdowell, a one-time rabid backbancher now portraying himself as a moderate, however, whilst screeching from the backbenches, prior to becoming 'leader' his behaviour seemed to indicate otherwise:

    Wind farms described as "giant bird blenders".

    We need a "massive road-building programme".

    Jeering at the minimum wage.

    The John Redwoods (global warming means lots more sunny days, so be happy) of the party have brought him easily into line, and forget the size of the majority, this will be the pattern for the future if the pr1ck gets himself elected to No. 10.

    David – Roll over, shut up and do as your bloody well told, there’s a good chap
  2. He stands in a bucket of water with electrodes on his testes!!
  3. Will Cameron default to tax cutting tory......I should bloody well hope so!!!
  4. IMHO Cameron is a scheming tw4t who is weak as p1ss actually but in general I think his scheming side is the one we need to worry about now. If he gets in to No 10 then the weakness will be the real issue.

    His knee jerk reaction to anyone stepping off on the "wrong" foot is a pretty good indicator of someone who is not really up to the job. Sack the tw4t and his scheming, p1ss weak Etonian cronies and replace them with William Hague and some real hard-core, Grammmar educated shire Tories.
  5. frenchperson,
    Cameron doesn't 'stand' anywhere.
    But he does 'slime' all over the place.
  6. I'm no lover of Cameron but anything has to be better than the current freak show
  7. Shock! Politician changes mind to court popularity!
    Incidentally, why does the Indescribablyboring (and Frenchperson) have such a downer on Redwood - one of the gallant few who tried to vote down the recent Freedom of Information amendment? Lefties :roll:
  8. I saw his famous rendition of the Welsh national anthem...

    ...and thought "What a tw@t". And, on FOI, one swallow does not make a summer.
  9. That would indeed be a good move, Cuddles. You can say what you want about Hague and his 50-something directorships, but at least he's a comparatively realistic politician with firm views. And I loved the way he used to make mincemeat of that twat Phoney Tony in the Commons.

  10. That's exactly it, Dave 'OOOOOHHHHHHH look at ME, now' Cameron is playing a game......................... Albeit, not a very pleasant one to watch, however, one can't help thinking that he'll turn-about-face much like B'LIAR - NEW LABOUR has done, in the last ten years of power; on some of his flimsy policies.

    l just wish the Tories had a lot more backbone, instead of looking and acting as jellyfish all the time. Surely, there is some-one out their that can advise them, to get stuck into NEW LABOUR.

    The reason why Dave 'OOOOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHH look at ME, now' Cameron walks funny, like B'LIAR is because they are both spineless individuals................................... Say anything, for an easy life......
  11. I would rather blow a goat than go out for a pint with a politician or jurno, bank manager, estate eagent or solicitors all greedy cnuts!
  12. Funnily enough I thought the same when I recently watched Dennis Skinner at PMQs asking about Cameron's time working for Norman Lamont. Where was Mr Beast, doyenne of the left, when FoI was being voted on? Having drinks at number 10?
  13. Summed up perfectly - labour (and I hate to say it) were spot on with their "Dave the Chameleon".

    He's dangerous. If he were to last as long as TCB I reckon we'd hate him even more, and that's saying something.
  14. He used to be my MP until I was fortunate enough to move away. He is a c0ck of the highest order (incidently his son went to the same grammar school as I did, and was also a c0ck...).
    I think the real example of quite how useless he is was his failed leadership challenge to none other than that political powerhouse John Major :p
    He does, in recent years, seem to have developed the morals that are sadly lacking in the House of Commons, but more often than not these are misplaced.
  15. Recent sackings notwithstanding, I doubt he'll remain in control of his party for long once they regain power. They're just biding their time until the reins of government fall back into their laps.

    Then we'll see the 'free-marketeers' (i.e fluffers of big business) dragging us back to the abyss. Peel would be turning in his grave. Napoleon would be laughing his c0ck off.