Now we arent allowed to upset the French

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Mrs_Beaton, May 22, 2005.

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  1. Mrs, i have just read the article in the sunday times. What the fcuk is that all about?
    It really has got out of control and it makes me totally sick to the back teeth!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. Sorry, I know this is Current Affairs & we're not meant to get all mediaeval in here, but this is fcuking outrageous. Our government is comprised of a bunch of spineless, sorry excuses for human beings. Not one set of balls amongst them. Utterly pathetic. Rant, rant, fume, fume… :evil:

    Edited to ask: Does anyone think that the French would give up an opportunity to celebrate getting one up on us Brits? They are after all a nation that turns defeat into victory even on THIS occasion by celebrating the fact that Nelson was killed. :roll: :evil:
  3. Not entirely without balls, we did invite the French to witness a re-enactment of their own defeat, and even the French must have noticed the coincidence of dates!

    If we have to be all coy around them, does this mean that they will no longer be celebrating the death of Nelson in the Champs Elysee as had been rumoured?

    Double standards between the French and the UK, yet again!
  4. There were rumours locally that this sort of thing might happen. Ho Hum, all par for the course I suppose. :roll:

    I do hope it won't put off the visitors to the city, we're quite looking forward to all the attention :lol:
  5. What is happening to this once great country ? P.C. is totally taking over . Stuff the french . As the great 'BART SIMPSON ' once said ''they are a bunch of cheese eating surrender monkeys ''
  6. They could celebrate the fact that William invaded Britain in 1066. That might work. Probably not.

    The French wanted us to rename Waterloo station a few years ago, but that never happened. (LINK) Glad that never happened - would confuse me on my return from the Church on a Sunday evening :oops:
  7. Fukcing stripy shirt/beret wearing, snail eating, onion selling Cnuts...
  8. So how long do you think it will be before we aren't allowed to directly refer to the enemy we are currently fighting on behalf of King Tony The Kittenkidney?

    Action on Reorg: Section Commanders: Wring hands, say you're awfully sorry and hand out the complaints procedure forms (large type version available).
    Platoon Sergeant: Get up onto the reorg position at the double with as many legal aid lawyers as possible and place the living members of the platoon under arrest pending investigation.

    FFS :roll:
  9. Given their spineless attitude in the re-enactment being called "red vs blue" and the other thread about Argentina sabre rattling, what would happen if the Argies re-invaded again :? given this bunch of gutless cowards attitude 8O
  10. How embarrassing that such ball-less limpwristed creatures can be in positions to organise this sort of affair. The Duke of Edinburgh will be present; I sincerely hope he offers his opinion to the world, at length.
  11. TCB would no doubt fly out to officially hand the islands over, with a pot of "Broon's" money as reparations for that 'nasty little incident' in 1982. Cnuts. :evil:
  12. Db, deep breath......I have my brown paper bag and am inhaling as I type :evil:
  13. Excellent story. It's the sort of thing Murdoch loves to promote in his papers. He knows that if he presents the story in this way, he'll cause indignation in some, outrage in others, racist outbursts on forums like this from a few bigots and - result - it actually ups his circulation, helping him to keep ahead of the taxman (He hasn't paid corporation tax in 10 years, guys - thanks in large part to a very understanding Prime Minister, and whoever puts money in his coffers by buying The Sun, The Times, Sky TV et al).

    In our progress towards a civilised and tolerant society, we will eventually rid ourselves of people like Murdoch - who love to rake over old divisions and perpetuate xenophobia in the mentally less well-endowed.
  14. When the glorious proletarian revolution comes, eh comrade Frenchperson?