Now we are 10 how about some pride in ourselves

lets change the way it is and have some pride - i mean we win almost every thing sporting why not be proud of it. lets start promoting ourselves.
....if I was treated/managed like the professional I am, I might start being proud of it. :mad:

Don't ask, it's a long story.

In fact, stand-by MCM Div, you've got mail heading your way.......

How about you lot start working with the rest of us first....?

My FARP got moved 3 times by the muppets in 13 (AA) Regt, at the airfield at CONDOR in IRAQ

Still, your wagons looked very pretty all parked up in straight lines..........

Muppets...... :p
well, probably the only one that dosent get paid over the odds.......

you look all the same to me anyway
Well done pp95aa - slag off 16% of the Regular Army because someone in 13 AA Regt moved your FARP - perhaps there might have been a good reason?? Even if the earth shaking abuse of your FARP was unjustified, there's no reason to draw sweeping conclusions about the rest of the RLC.

I'm with 3stripes on this one. We're ten years old and have done a bloody good job in that time. Not perfect but who is?  There is much to be proud of, and any ignorant slagging is an insult to our guys who have worked their nuts off over the years.  As a Corps, we've been constantly deployed supporting the Army across the globe, often acting as the bridge between the budget slashing / stock reducing DLO and the real world and taking the flak for it.  

Truckies, Stackers, Posties, Chunks and Slop Jockeys - stop taking the guff from the ignorant and tell them like it really is!

Eagle - sounds like you've been arrsed about - my sympathy - but again no reason to tar all of us with the same brush.
Cheers Dulllog,
So they moved your FARP did they PP95AA well blame all the loggies for that will we. Are you a bird ? Its just when I was in both 82 and 63 (when they were really airborne) 82 did the FARP so that must make you a loggy whether you like it or not. If not stand up and be counted.
No way a loggie,

at least i havent attempted suicide when shouted at in training

and i'm currently getting ******* e d about royaly by 17port and funtime, "come down to marchwood to pick up your wagons" the phonecall said

come down to marchwood and unload someone elses boat more like....... "oh it seams the manifest is incorrect......." please stay in the bronx like transit accomadation......." i havent stayed in a shittier block since a battle camp in nesscliffe training area in 1989....

as for the PAYD cookhouse as featured in sqaddie mag, it looks very nice but one choice of scoff and one duty chef on a weekday, get a grip you bluffing tossers

no wonder you feel no pride in your capbadge....
you lot are a bunch of samehead losers

why do you have to schimf about doing your job?????

watch my tracer.........
lots of lesbian truckdriving birds too......
lots of lesbian truckdriving birds too......
Someone else to knock you back then?

So you've been jigged about by 17 Regt, like it has never ever happened to you in any part of the system before? Your Regt haven't ever told you you were on a course only to find the paperwork didn't hit the Adj's desk in time? Your pay has been right each and every time? Your section battle drills have never gone wrong somewhere some time?

Of course they have, it's the army, shit happens, get a sense of humour or get out!

I don't think that any one cap badge of the army has deployed so often, so frequently, or so willingly as the RLC. Yes it's a pain when you don't see your family for months on end because you are going on deployment after deployment, but the lads do it, and continue to be the professionals they are in spite of their grievances.

The Corps has had a lot of baggage to overcome. First there was the integration of the women from the WRAC into the RCT, and then the re-badging some 6 or so months later into a whole new corps with no combined identity. It takes time for any adolscent to find their own identity and way in life, learning from their mistakes, building on experience, and coming of age. You will see more colours of beret in this Corps than any other, a testement to the determination and military skills of many. It is easy to suggest that if you wanted to wear a maroon beret you should have joined the Paras. Well the airborne infantry has it's place, but so too does the logistician who has passed the same physical and mental tests as the Para, and as well as bringing the military skills to bear, also brings the skills of a different Corps, and a different job, the same goes for Commando Log, Avn Log Supp, and the many other facets of this corps, be it transport, EOD, field catering, post, port & maritime, supply, POL, or any other operation that a loggie is called upon to provide daily in many theatres the world over. And of you think it's all about "firepower", try going 100 miles from the LoD without us and see what happens!


War Hero
The RLC has no pride and no identity because it doesnt.  Its self-defeating and when anyone who is any good rocks up they are over whelmed by the sheer volume of losers.  

You cant gain Regt ID just cause someone says.  TELIC might have worked had it not been so fuckin toss.
when anyone who is any good rocks up they are over whelmed by the sheer volume of losers
That would be quite a crushing comment were it not for the fact that the RLC is over-subscribed at RMAS and sending the weaker candidates in the direction of other cap-badges.


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The RLC will be up to full subby manning by Dec 03 and as Woopert says, weaker individuals are being given a big tablet.

PP95AA is the reason so many people 'in his shere' have to suffer.  The reason the transit accomodation is pants is because inconsiderate individuals like you trash it.  17 P&M and 29 Regt reject your manifests for being incorrect because, this will surprise you, they're incorrect because you people DO NOT LISTEN.

The RLC is becoming the 'place to be' because we deploy on every operation and the fact that the troops do not starve, run out of ammunition and actually gets mail means the loggies are doing the job.

If those of you think you can do better, crack on.


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The RLC may be doing well in terms of Sandhurst recruiting but the problem arises from a time when we were a drip tray for the dross.  These people are now Capts / Majs.  So yes if the trend continues things will be great in 5 yrs time, provided the good lads dont get dissolusioned and leave.
the problem arises from a time when we were a drip tray for the dross.  
A couple of observations:

1. The quality of officer being sent to ACSC from within the Corps is raising, and the quality coming out is therefore higher. While there are some "less able" Capts knocking about, they are getting fewer and further between as the system finds better candidates to fill the slots they would have otherwise got.

2. The better recruits coming out of RMAS are putting pressure on the plodders to raise their game or risk being out-shined by 25 year old Capts with ability and enthusiasm. Most often the worst offenders for letting the side down are people with ability, but the lack of drive to apply that ability or the imagination to think through problems.

3. Soldiers are more willing now to question poor leadership and decision making and the younger NCOs are giving some significant hope for the future in terms of their "can do attitude". the greatest risk is that the system buggers them about so much that their view becomes jaded and they give up.

4. YOs are seeing the RLC as able to offer a varied and viable career path in the army with a better than average chance of making a full career out of the Corps rather than as a short-term job. With more officers competeing for RegC than before the Corps doesn't have to just continue with those who remain out of lack of choice.

What the army needs to consider are the implications on the older SNCOs and officers who have families who are settled in an area and how to retain them. I know a number of people who have been based arounf Aldershot/Grantham/fatherland et al for some time, got their families settled and the kids in school only to be told that they have to move to another garrison at just the moment their option is up and they walk rather than go through the upheaval. I appreciate that the army has to be manned, but it doesn't always do it in the most intelligent manner, especially with the people we most need to keep.


Come on lads, the RLC is dull, dull , dull ;D ;D

The Royal Corps of Transport deserve the cap badge due to previous unbelievable dullness, the Royal Army Ordnance Corps deserve the same for specialising in fcuking up just about everything, the Royal Pioneer Corps were robbed of an honourable heritage and don’t actually deserve to have been amalgamated, although it was always fun to bait them, the Army Catering Corps looked and cooked dull and usually deserved shooting and the Postal and Courier Section of The Royal Engineers were dullness personified ;D

Necessary, probably under appreciated, but sorry, no identity, no unique history and very, very dull ;D ;D

By the way, I can understand an “old and bold” OR or orifice sticking with it after 93, but what exactly possesses anyone to join a Corps that is, rightly or wrongly, seen as a bunch of supermarket apprentices and trainee postmen?  

The RLC is becoming the 'place to be' because we deploy blah blah blah
PLEASE!! Me thinks that most recruits, if told the truth at the ARO, would not think that the place to be was driving a delivery van or cooking eggie bread for a load of squaddies that see you as a necessary annoyance

As usual, I sincerely hope that I haven't offended anyone ;)

And yes, I have appreciated the mail, ammo, food deliveries etc etc etc etc etc but you're still dull and boring.


... the problem arises from a time when we were a drip tray for the dross.  These people are now Capts / Majs.
.. I'll get me coat :'(

As a parting shot though ... I'd rather be a yorkie bar eating stacker, throwing peoples mail into the sea and snorting petrol whilst watching civvies do my job .. than a "Driver, Airframe"


Come on lads, the RLC is dull, dull , dull ;D ;D   ...  And yes, I have appreciated the mail, ammo, food deliveries etc etc etc etc etc but you're still dull and boring.
Ahhh !!!.... but you didn't see the picture of the FANTASTIC Cake we had on the front of our Corps Journal now did you!?!.

...not so dull NOW are we.
Perhaps not, but you do need to address your hygiene problems.

RLC - Dirty, dirty little men.

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