Now Union Threatens To Ballot BA Ground Staff!

British Airways is facing a second potential dispute, with the Unite union threatening to ballot ground staff over proposed changes to working practices, Sky sources say.

The airline is still grappling with the prospect of crippling strikes by its cabin crew after talks aimed at resolving a bitter row over cost-cutting broke down.

Officials from Unite spent the day locked in internal discussions but have given no details of strike dates.

By law, Unite has until next Monday to announce actions, giving seven days' notice of any walkouts.

Commenting on the latest threat, Sky's business correspondent Joel Hills said: "My understanding is that BA has been in talks with its 4,500 baggage handlers and ground staff about cost-saving changes for some time.

"Unite is unhappy with some of the changes because they say it will erradicate overtime and lead to redundancies."
They clearly dont want BA to be in business 6 months from now.

Unite are a bunch of cnuts. I was in that union a few years ago when i worked in big factory. However they still write to me and the latest letter was nothing but glowing praise for the one-eyed traitor in number 10 and why they are supporting Labout. If you are in Unite they are using your money to support labour so they can fcuk up the country even more, glad I dont pay the buggers any more!

Just shows the levels they are willing to stoop to. Seriously, large scale strike action in the midst of the worst recession on record, what the hell are they thinking? Typical bloody socialists always willing to spend other peoples money and destroy other peoples businesses.

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