Now this is what you call an arrivals board!!

Forget the new digital display boards at bus stops. This is what you need if your waiting for your cruise or cargo ship to arrive!!!

Bloody hell, all those space invaders and no houses to hide behind!
OK but what the hell is it? Freeware? A website? Google ship?
It's the live radar feed from Southampton Vessel Traffic Service.

What I have just noticed aswell is, even though I posted the image last night. It actually changes in real time!!
putteesinmyhands said:
A link would have been nice. Here it is:

Edited to add:

No, it isn't. Hasn't got the buttons at the top.
Sorry about the link, did mean to add it. It actually shows Naval and RFA vessels when they appear around the Solent Area.
putteesinmyhands said:
Is it supposed to be interactive or just refreshes every 5 minutes? Does the toolbar in the initial post work (in the website), and is there a key to the symbols somewhere?
No it just refreshes every five minutes. The tool bar does not work.
Those square and diamond symbols remind me of my more youthful days spent in the raf radars dept

Square was for primary radar and diamond for secondary or ssr

Combined they gave the same image, is that the case with ships ?


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Red Diamonds are enemy aren't they. FIRE AT WILL!!!!

(see - Will is getting it again - poor Will)
Is this thing up to date?

I just spotted the Titanic.

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