Now this is true patriotism.

On Howard Stern this morning, an off-color American radio show, one of the guests was a porn star by the name of Jennifer Steele who's offered her 'services' to returning veterans. Here's the article from her website--no link, google it. (Mods move to a proper forum if necessary). I have officially seen everything.

Extreme Associates’ “XXX Support Our Troops” Registration Officially Open!!!
May 22nd, 2006

Jennifer Steele

The “XXX Support Our Troops” Project is a mission to raise money for US Troops returning home from the Middle East with permanent, disabling injuries. On July 4, 2006, I’ll be giving my support by indulging in a sea of US Soldier ****, knowing the profits are going to the deserving. HOT! While trying to figure out my next g******g event, I was looking for any excuse to **** a group of US Soldiers, and my friend and director, Tom Zupko, came up with the idea of donating the profits to charity, which we agreed was a beautiful idea. Because of the fear of legal recourse for using active US Troops, none of the companies we went to would produce it but one: Rob Black from Extreme Associates, who is himself waiving his production profits to donate to this cause. With the current fight he’s got going with his pending Supreme Court Trial, I can’t think of a more suitable company to back this project.

Dubbed as “Porn the Government Doesn’t Want You to See”, Extreme Associates is doing what it can to protect the same Constitution our troops are risking their lives for overseas. My brother being a Desert Storm vet, I take great pride in using my A**-ets to raise money for these deserving young men and women who have sacrificed so much.

If you or any soldier you know, male or female, would like to participate in this groundbreaking event, please click here to register. We are still looking for a worthy charity supporting disabled veterans which will accept a donation with the option of anonymity.

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