Now this is really taking the piss

He's been outed before, ages ago and most of his bling is commemorative stuff. Can't be arsed to provide a link but he's on here somewhere.


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Maybe he's selling them
Thats "La di dah Gunner Graham" from "It ain't half hot mum".

Walt?? I think not. That man was playing piano in the Burmese jungle whan you were no more than a groan in your Grandads vinegar stroke.
" The scurge of the Nips"!!!
I thought it was me, but back in the day I wore contact lenses.
The bloke behind him to the right seems to get the joke.
Couldn't find the Walt as the pic didn't load...found a rogue apostrophe in the title of the linked page though!
Dont worry, I'll sell him mine along with my Medal of Honor (Beach Assault) :)
You've been playing MoH again haven't you?
No not really. I just like pointing out cunts - walthunting isnt my bag. However if found the the twat in my local Id twat him as hard as I could.

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