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Discussion in 'Aviation' started by Ralf, Feb 8, 2010.

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  1. Its like watching turkeys choose whether to become rissoles or steaks. They're going to hate it either which way - but the schadenfreude will be wonderful
  2. I love the, 'I'll take option 3 and leave!'.


    I hope they do, and then end up dying alone and peniless in a seedy bedsit wailing of the glory years long past.

    95% would improve defence by their departure.

    Slimy backstabbing shimfers.
  3. BUT when I was in ........... ( add your fave RAF station) we never did it this way.
  4. You old women bumping your gums about the slightly foppish light blue boys. At least they can actually get real aircraft off the ground. Did any of you ever fly an AAC aircraft that could carry a payload or go any distance?
  5. Yes. Now fuck off you 'soon to be redundant' blouse wearing, squat to piss, goat blowing chav.
  6. Yes, usually as Lx 5 or 6 having been tasked to go and pick up the rest of the guys you'd left on the ground in S Armagh as it was past your Crew duty time.

    ps anybody can get a "real" aircraft off the ground, which is why hopefully soon we won't need the RAF..
  7. AH64 is always in the news. Lets talk about Typhoon, Chinook Mk 3, Nimrod, Puma....Nuff said. Ask the boys on the ground for their first choice of pick up and it will always be Army first. We know what it's like on the ground....For the Crab SH lot,
    I've have a lot of respect, They would become first Class if they could experience time on the ground with the boys, then and only then would they know how important it is to be picked up/Dropped off in the right place at the right time and offer the flexibillity when it is required.

    Now, you Wendy, p!ss off back to your crew room and talk about how too important you are to spent time on the ground....REMF.

  8. Bell 212? I'll get my coat....

    Flash, your put downs are getting tame.... :wink:
  9. Absolutely no criticism of RAF operational staff, but the only danger is that some smart lad could work out that the RAF have enough staff per aircraft flying to not only have the theoretical administrative power to manage their Fliers, but the Army, the Royal Navy, the Israeli Armed Forces and GlaxoSmithKline Beecham!