Now this is how to fly!

Discussion in 'Aviation' started by Zapped, Dec 12, 2008.

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  1. feck knows how he got that down impressive anyway
  2. If that is real I'll eat someones hat, the camera man runs incredibly fast sideways whilst keeping the camera steady.
  3. erm im not sure if you 2 are joking are not but am I the only one who think it looks very fake ? the mid air stuff is fine but the landing just looks nothing like it would of done in real life
  4. of course its real its on the interweb
  5. That clip should've ended with the pilot exhibiting a typical WWII Crab, shit-eating grin into the camera and amiably asking: "I say chaps, would anyone care to help me shovel all this shit orf the floor of the cockpit", while nonchalantly sparking up a Capstan Full Strength.

    Character-building stuff.

  6. In't compooter gwaphics amazing...
  7. So very, very fake.
  8. fake video

    Been done before.
    The video is totally fake (well made though)
    To the hole with this!
  9. Hands held up-I is a stoopid trusting fool!!
  10. The video is fake, however....the Israeli airforce has a pilot who managed to get an F-16 on the ground with one wing, and safely too. During an exercise, two planes collided, resulting in the loss of the right-hand wing of the air craft. Essentialy, because of the shape of the F-16, he was able to get the air craft on the deck without causing injury. Plane was an absolute writeoff obviously, but it can be done!