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Discussion in 'AGC, RAPTC and SASC' started by conco, Jun 10, 2008.

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  1. I dont rmember this as a thread but if it has sorry

    Just reading Sixth Sence (a few days old) and noticed PP from 115 meeting his unit at the airport upon their arrival back from Telic. Even after he had been badly injured.

    Good on him and may he recover as fully as he can (as long as he has lost his taste for Sambuka).
  2. PH = fab bloke.
  3. Nice bloke, really unfortunate what happened to him.
  4. I presume we refer to PP NOT PH here? They sound the same (almost)!
  5. Im sure it must be, hes got a charity website going at the mo, only found out recently and about the death of AS too. Didnt see anyone raising it here either, probably too busy slagging each other off
  6. AS? any danger of PMing that name?
  7. Biscuits just PMd you
  8. Thanks for that mate.
  9. Sorry typo: PP.

    I was at JSCSC with him and shared many a red wine and a natter.

    Can someone 'in the know' PM me and tell me how on earth he came to end up like this? I have heard slightly conflicting stories.

    Either way, I hope he gets looked after, although I am already hearing otherwise.

  10. PP - diamond bloke.

    Shame about AS.
  11. PMd
  12. Thanks to those who PMd me.
  13. If he isn't, then it would not come as a surprise to many and that's no criticism of the bloke himself. I'd like to think that he was being looked after.

    As an organisation, the RMP aren't exactly known for looking after their own.
  14. I hear you! Like I said, it's entirely circumstantial and may be absolute bollocks.

    Either way, as soon as I get back to my DII account, I will be sending him brochures for his time off.
  15. We'll just send him porn and fags then.