Now this is a REAL concern for 2009...

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by whitecity, Dec 24, 2008.

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  1. I can cope with the global banking meltdown, the destabiliastion of fossil fuel prices, and even a run on the pound, but a rise in the price of chocolate is really going to hit my financial planning for 2009 hard.

    I may have to cancel Easter. :(

  2. One thought only I'm afraid..........couldn't give a fcuk.
  3. Jebus. They are mental enough WITH chocolate, so what are the Doris's going to be like without it....???
  4. Give you five minutes with your other half without a Mars Bar
  5. Now that is a critical commodity! How can the moves and shakers of the world economy and business concentrate on getting us back on track, when their assorted Dorii are climbing the walls?

    Do I need to invest in Cadbury's etc, or in the Cocoa producers?
  6. The last time cocoa was at such extraordinary levels was during the early 80s economic downturn.

    Is cocoa the new gold?

    Will the 'new' global banking system be based upon the cocoa standard?

    Will the world's Dorii revolt and bring about an unprecedent upheaval in the international system?

    Will Afghanistan be won and, in the absence of illicit poppy, will Kosovo become the hub for cocoa smuggling?

    And most importantly, how will I manage to keep the legions of pretty young Belgrade Dorii favourable to my charms?

    Worrying times ahead. :x
  7. whitecity - these "pretty young Belgrade Dorii" to which you refer...

    What price their charms? Are we talking Fun Size Mars Bar or do you have to go the full hog and offer them your Curly Worly?!

    and Happy Christmas mate.

    PTP - Cocoa - Cadburys will one of many confectioners that will have to ramp up the RRP to counter the fluctuations. Tie in, less disposable income from Joe Public and retailers increasingly more nervous about buying in too much stock in the present climate and I think your question's answered. As with most commodities, the manufacturers will feel the heat of any market volatity more markedly than the consumer, which in the case of any "luxury item" manufacturers (apparantly people can survive without stickies - not convinced personally) will cause more than a few late nights in the Boardrooms.
  8. You can always rely on magnetism of your personality. :)
  9. Good god man! No wonder you're still hoping for a brighter 2006... 2009 is around the next corner and all you're offering is a fun sized Mars Bar! Cocoa price dear chap has risen, and nothing less than a Cadbury's Turkish Delight will get you a phone number. And there's still a lot of to do...

    Merry Crimbo to you too...

    whitecity signing off for 4 days - maybe a quick flutter in the morn' before heading off to the mountain retreat with current Doris. Last chance before the cocoa wars bite. :))
  10. and don't forget the gaffa tape.
  11. What a stupid bloody post, Aint you got nothing better to do Whitecity ?
  12. Oh, did someone not get what they wanted from Santa?
  13. Start stocking up lads.
  14. Junior Old Muso's home and on a fitness kick to impress the PTI in January, so I'm freezing her 3 selection boxes to sell on ebay later in the year .... looks like an fantastic % return :)
  15. Yes! Be afraid be, very afraid...