Now there are no kilts!

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Gracchus, Dec 18, 2006.

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  1. From today's Torygraph:

    The Cheap Kilts IPT should hang their heads in shame, along with those freshly Knighted and OBE'd individuals who presided over the amalgamations. All of these stories seem to be following a pattern, so what's next? Single ply toilet paper?
  2. single ply and shiney by kind permission of "Lord" Izal
  3. Now here's a thought instead of spending £1M on new kilts form who knows where, why not allow the 'new' battalions keep a little of there old regimental regalia and let them where the kilts of the black watch, A&SH the KOSB etc, they all have different hackles and subtitles why not kilts.
  4. A good week to be a chinese kiltmaker.

    You heard it here first...
  5. You assume too much comon sense. Now stop it.
  6. Like wiping your bum with a broken bottle.
  7. So what's happened to the old ones? Written off I suppose, anyone looking to dispose of a 34-36" Gordon Highlander I might just know of a buyer if the price is right..............

    Edited to add "Kilts that is not Izal one ply!!"
  8. This on top of the "Notachute Regiment" fiasco

    The lunatics have clearly taken over the Assylum

    Will this insanity ever come to an end??

    Why not save money on berets, amalgamate the Paras and the Royal Marines and call them the Royal Maroons, thus saving on unnecessary green headware?

    Get the Kilts IPT out on patrol with Blair :evil:
  9. Give over they'd then have to go out to tender fot a natty green and maroon stripy affair at the cost of a couple of million quid, neither of them will want to lose their current 'lid'
  10. KOSB never had kilts, Lowland Regt, they wore trews(spelling??).
  11. A sudden flash of inspiration has come to me after reading zippy's post.

    Why don't we reform the Scottish Regiments save £1m on kilts,plus more savings from not changing signs, capbadges, head dress, messes, letterheads, colours, etc. Fcuk it, lets reform all the Inf reg with similar savings.

    Just a thought.

    Is this another example of how amalgamation will SAVE money?
  12. Ok were starting to make some progress now.

    What I'm hearing is an all inclusive tri-service tartan that will reflect the traditions of all three services, including the Royal Marines and the Paras. The Scotish Assembly will buy in to that.

    As long as we can get the support of the Welsh and Northern Ireland assemblies, we only need to get in the dependencies, Assencion, Gibraltar, Falklands, Diego Garcia and St Helena to agree.

    Once we get the gays and the other ethnic minoroties involved, we are on a home run with the treasury.

    Note to DPA:
    1. Why do they need more than one magazine with each rifle, after all they can only use one at once??
    2. I advise we ask the minister to review the H+S case for having bayonnets, a bit worried about someone cutting themselves.

    Edited to add flash of inspiration why not outsource the whole Army and they can wear what they like??
  13. Wasn’t the last cavalry charge made by the Poles at the start of WW2? Why don’t we do away with the mounted troopers and their 250+ horses, on the next State visit the Royal coach could be escorted by members of the pony club, no, wait, how about all those fox hunters they look the part in their nice red coats and Prince Phillip would love riding down the mall to the sound of a hunting horn!
  14. I can see a four-way roulement here for mounted public duties:

    1. Pony Club
    2. Countryside Alliance duty hunt
    3. Legion of Frontiersmen Mounted Sqn
    4. Guards polo
  15. Why don't the Jocks do what the London Scottish do - just wrap some old army blankets about your waist and call it a kilt! :lol: