Now Then, Now Then, Now Then


Do not tarnish the name of Sir Jimmy of Saville.

He managed to do what most of us either did, wanted to do, or pretended to do.

"Eurgrhrugrhrugreurrrgggh... Big cigar, jingle jewelry....quadruple HEART by-pass OP-ER-AT-ION!...."
Bugger the 'SIR'
He worked darn t'pit, that makes 'im awreit in ma eees.
He got to finger a shed load of nubile 14 and 15 year old girls while smoking big cigars and drinking fine spirits.

You have to work hard and become a maths teacher or a cadet AI these days for that kind of lifestyle.
Meanwhile...Jarrod is despairing at 5000 wasted`wanks...


Edit: Quick question.. do people who have extensive knowledge of interior design and soft furnishings wank or..fist themselves? Or both?

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