NOW That's What I Call Journalism!

"notorious bum driller on the loose" I bet the fella whos bum got drilled is feeling a bit loose as well now.
He was rushed to hospital with his leaking bums dontcha know. Poor chap.
I sorta have this thing for not searching for huge black cock at work :) [Have seen in another thread]
Can't see the problem myself


like ice cream


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I have an image of Barrack Obama getting of a plane in Uganda, wearing a T-shirt with a turd printed on it, saying" just like ice cream lets get licking".......... this articles and clips are comedy gold


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Im sure idi Amin was laid in Entebbe.


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You should watch this. BBC iPlayer - The World's Worst Place to Be Gay?
Uganda in all it's homophobic best. To be fair, I'd bring in a law if it meant having Scott Mills executed

Although I suspect there's several barracks/training establishments around the UK that could qualilfy for the title.
I found that interesting and I agree Mills was irritating but I did feel sorry for those people, must be bloody hard getting a shag.
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