NOW That's What I Call Journalism!

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by BrandySoured, Feb 28, 2011.

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  1. Uganda may not be tolerant but they writes it as they sees it. :D

  2. oh my word.

    and - "anaconda-like whoppers"?

    missus and i sitting here pissing ourselves. :)
  3. Any more where that came from? Amazing, a work of a truly warped mind!
  4. It's almost standard fare for Ugandan tabloids. Google throws up a few examples.
  5. Benon Tugumisirize, you are a star! Why can't all journos write like that? And the look on the 'shaftmate's' face! 'Shattered his ass' indeed!:rofl:
  6. Jesus thats made my day. Have they been watching Brass Eye for writing tips?
  7. Sounded jealous to me but what a lovely heartwarming ARRSE type bit of journalism.
  8. You should watch this. BBC iPlayer - The World's Worst Place to Be Gay?
    Uganda in all it's homophobic best. To be fair, I'd bring in a law if it meant having Scott Mills executed

    Although I suspect there's several barracks/training establishments around the UK that could qualilfy for the title.
  9. fuckng hell they must be graduates of the sunday sport school of writing
  10. I'll have a look when I get home it's likely to kill my work PC looking at that. I could do with a trip abroad, it might be just the place.
  11. I really enjoy discussing Uganda.
  12. If he's caught, would he be well hung?
  13. Fleet street has some catching up to do. 21st century journalism, plain simple facts whicgh are easily understandable. The edotor of Private Eye knew a thing or two when he wrote about 'Ugandan affairs'.
  14. might be onto something there, what are literacy levels like in Uganda?