Now that's what I call hostage rescue

So it would seem that the French cousins have executed a neat operation.

There have been some excellent operations over the years and many units have pulled off some beauts. Here goes for some note worthy's and please add:

1. UK- 1980, Princes Gate (obviously)

2. France- 2007 France, Marseille airport

3. Australia- 2014 a coffee shop.

4. On Tour- 1985 with TWA, an aircraft TWA 847

5. USA- 1974 a bank and an ungrateful daughter
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I think I'll wait for the post mortem result, were the four killed and four seriously wounded in the supermarket before, or during the rescue and the ballistics as to who did what to whom.
Cant praise the French police enough on that on that one. Wonder if the first guy in the supermarket door jumped the gun a little though, he was in there a fair time on his tod with just a pistol for company. Also it seemed a flashbang went off on the pavement, wonder if this was a rebound or a nervous fumble, either way, it didn't stop them getting the job done, great job.
Just watched the supermarket uncensored clip on Liveleak of the gunman charging for the door, bugger me they made sure he was well ventilated didn't they!
Years of pent up no combatant aggression.... ;-)

But good job all round!


Wont let you, I copied and pasted, but it reverts to the censored one. Just go to Liveleak and have a gander, you wont be disappointed. Pity the poor buggers who had to pick up the corpse, bet they went home for a Radox bath, he must have weighed a fair bit with all that lead in him.

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