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If there were to be a CD, what record would you choose to be on there?

I tried to put this on the thread of the same name, but only administrators are allowed to. Strangely enough, there are no administrators. But its not a conspiracy.

Feel free to edit.

I, myself, will choose for Track No 1 - G.I. Blues by Elvis.

That took a lot of thought after the weekend with BBC. I am still recovering.
KnifeFightingMonkey said:
Anything by David Hasselhoff

You can't go far wrong with "The Hoff" :D
Floral dance- terry wogan
Fisting pigs- Cutaway and his gang of mongloids
Danish nights with an MI5 interlude- BBC and the sonia's
Moustached ladies- Moody and the gripperpigs
Fangled as they sleep- cutaway solo number
I also would like "If You Were There You'd Know" by Wham
KnifeFightingMonkey said:
Sorry, you have obviously had a sense of humour failure :?
Who said I had a sense of humour to begin with?
KnifeFightingMonkey said:
On a serious note....

"Gay Bar"

you probably haven't heard of it but look up the lyrics

Its's my favourite record because I want to bum MDN and Stella at the same time:D
Say no more 8O
"Where is Love?" - the Leonard Nimoy version
"Freakin at The Freakers Ball" by Dr Hook
And "The Stair where I Stop" by Kermit's nephew
KnifeFightingMonkey said:
Not just anything by them.

Only the bits with the fireman
Would you wear your Fireman Sam suit for me and dance?
KnifeFightingMonkey said:
Only for you dale 8O
Excellent see you on the 4th.

Now stop playing with this thread, get your kit off and dance and then give us a proper record.

I thank you.

Oh and I prefer matelots.
I don't blame you!!!!

That post about Steve Earle was serious BTW. Have a google at the lyrics.

Failing that what abotu "One" by Metallica???

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