Now that's what I call a ringtone!

With thanks to the gentleman who forwarded this to us by email!

Ok because I'm audacious...will that do?
No..... its a kin to walking into to someone's front room and telling them to shift their couch. That would make me leap up and bray you with a track spanner and stick an upside down wine bottle in your dumper.

Please garotte yourself and dispose of your own body with fire.

Spare the response you are firmly lodged in the underpant category.


Gallery Guru
PG you've got me there...let me have a think I'll come up with something.

Ok because I'm audacious...will that do?

Yep...and you missed AUDACIOUS in my description and YOUNG in the cock's description.
Hold on your wing commander boyfriend was 27 and then you changed your mind due to it just being role play with Trans_sane, he denies banging you now as you are such a gopping creature he must have had 5 pints and couldn't walk.
Now you are after young cock, is there really a wing commander at all?
I think a garotte really is the only cure as PG has suggested. I bet even your mother couldn't have loved that face.

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