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Now thats the sort of therapy I could take to.



I would, fuckin nympho slut sperm-receptible. Good one up the Tradesmens entrance, handcuffs, clothes-peg and then go snorkeling.

Where was I? Oh yes, i do hope this fantastic lady can alieviate the pain and suffering of her needy patients.
Crikey! If she was talking to me about my problems like that, she wouldn't be the only one naked by the end of the session, and I wouldn't be the only needing therapy either...
Well, if the lady Therapist is going to peel down to skvvies bad bra, then peel them off in a proffesionallys eductive way..... Then, I as a client/patient should be able to peel off ma strides.... then peel back my fourskins....


So thats $400 an hour for therapy, and $35 for a happy ending.

I would. Christ, I'd even make up shit in life just to justify going.

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