Now thats technology!

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Cuddles, Dec 3, 2009.

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  1. Remember in Star Trek, you could go to the galley and ask the, IIRC, "replicator" for a drink of your choice? Never happen you all could they do that?

    Well prepare to eat humble pie chaps/chapesses. In the coffee room at my current employer is a machine manufactured by a company called VISION, which produces hot beverages. Fair play to them now, obviously the technology isn't quite as swish as on Star Trek. Yet they can almost uncannily accurately replicate a beverage that tastes and looks exactly like Norgie toffee (or cea?). And nothing else.

    Simply press ANY button - marked teasingkly tea, coffee or chocolate - on this miracle of vending technology and the sweaty, fatty, super tanninated, over caffinated dishwater that we all knew and loved is produced. It is almost as if a team of small imps, armed with "Sundries" packs are crouched inside its casing, working overtime!

    Now I'll confess, as a child of the sixties I have been unimpressed by the progress towards the science fiction gadgetry which TV and fiction promised us. This sudden revelation that science has been working towards the kind of machinery we all remember from those programmes has reassured me. I now eagerly await the silver foil jump-suits...
  2. Ah norgie tea, with a smooth start, a sugary finish, and that hint of all in stew and grease underlying the whole tannin experience. Best drunk round the back of a smoky diesel wagon in the rain, a great drink with an egg banjo, and brown sauce garnish :clap: :chef:
  3. Take in your Hexy,and brew your own.
  4. Douglas Adams created the Nutrimatic drinks machine in the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy some 35 years ago. IIRC, everything it produced tasted totally unlike tea!

  5. Mmmm, coffee flavoured with hexy blocks and shaving foam.
  6. Did you ever wonder what Dwarfs do for a living outside of panto season?

  7. One contact lens or two?
  8. I confess that on occasions I've deliberately not washed my cup when switching from coffee to tea or v.v. just for the nostalgia value.
  9. With a side salad of bracken or pine needles? :D
  10. Taking into account all those comments the tea/coffee would NEVER taste that good indoors. Once it was out of the field it doesn't have the same taste
  11. for the full effect you need a vast mug of the stuff while standing under a cold shower
  12. I think it was either the condensed milk or that UHT stuff that imparted a "special" flavour too.
  13. Or possibly you could have worked harder on your relationship with your driver??
  14. I was the Driver ;)
  15. Can it replicate Fanny Batter? :?