Now THATS raising awareness!!

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by bigbird67, Sep 18, 2009.

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  1. Manchester artist Fanny Gogh is going to march through the city bollock nekkid to raise awareness of equipment shortages etc!!

    Naked Bird in Manc!!

    Way to make happy squaddies :D

    for those without faceache

    Fanny Goghs Naked March For Troops
    Entertainment & Arts - Performing Arts
    Manchester Artist Fanny Gogh will be in charge of light hearted demonstration and stunning spectacle at Manchester Exchange Square on Tuesday 29th September at 12 noon, to raise awareness of the lack of up to date equipment and to show some support for our troops.

    I am an artist and don't know much about this subject but was very moved and shocked a couple of weeks ago after watching some news footage.

    There will be a number of models, dancers etc that have kindly given up their time to show their support and to help raise money.

    They will be beautifully painted in camouflage colours and will be wearing knickers, boots and NOTHING ELSE !!!!

    Whether I agree with our troops being in Iraq and Afghanistan or not I'm shocked at the amount of guys we are loosing at the moment and want to do as much possible to let the soldiers that are serving now, know that we are all so grateful, are right behind them and the very least we can do is send them with the right up to date equipment.

    There will be collection boxes on the day to raise money for the charity 'Help for Heroes" and "Support Our Soldiers"

    Come along ................. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
  2. The link says I need to sign in to Faceache?
  3. Bum, let me see if i can find a different one

    first post editted but still looking
  4. Do we want to see her naked or should we pay her to keep her clothes on.
  5. well....she's thinner than me!! Oh and a load of glamour models are doing it with her!! Google Sarah Longbottom!!
  6. Via Google,I see some bint with hair like a badger.Is that her?
  7. which one? This is Sarah! This one?

    editted to add the NSFW nazis may not like this one!!
  8. Where are the clackshots! What are these folks thinking of?

  9. So that is erm, not safe for work, then :oops:
  10. Pfft she's got pants on...what's their problem :D sorry
  11. I work for an insurance company - three of the older guys have had a stroke. The other one didn't even make it as far as the cubicle
  12. Just to clear up any confusion.

    Fanny Gogh in Manchester

    Sarah Longbottom in Manchester

    also Sarah Longbottom in Manchester
  13. ok the badger hair and eyebrows off a brickie called Kevin are a little disconcerting...but she'll be NAKED!!!
  14. I would anyway
  15. OK still a damned good effort to raise awareness,but.......

    Quote "They will be beautifully painted in camouflage colours and will be wearing knickers, boots and NOTHING ELSE !!!!"

    So topless,not naked?