Now that's a butt stroke ......

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by velcrostripes, Apr 17, 2012.

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  1. Nice to see the CO leading by example...

    Lieutenant-Colonel Shalom Eisner is seen ramming his M-16, with both hands, into Danish national Andreas Ias's face as activists took part in a bicycle rally in the occupied West Bank

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  2. Why's he got one of those pads for leaking breasts taped to his head?
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  3. Its been done elsewhere but nice clear pictures. The Lt Col needs to eat less and exercise more. Shaving might be worth a try too.
  4. Israeli Army don't do bullshit.

    Is this one of those pictures that the photographer should,ve turned up 10 mins earlier where protester was stamping on puppies or somesuch?
  5. Indeed, he looks a right sack of shit. Still, I guess he showed that unarmed Danish guy who da boss is.
  6. There's a lot they don't do. RoE anyone?
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  7. He could also do with a bigger gun, he barely floored that skinny ginger. If it had been an SLR...
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  8. I am guessing he is a reservist ? Obviously missed the media relations briefing too.
    Note to self : Check IDF Army List in 12 months and see if he made full colonel .
    I am betting yes .
  9. Potential President I'd say though he needs to work on his technique, he's really not getting the power of his lower body into the swing.
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  10. Ias was treated in a Palestinian hospital for 'light injuries' and today told Israeli media he was 'well'.
    He told Israel's Channel 10 TV station: 'We were just walking slowly towards the soldiers, we were chanting Palestinian songs calling for the liberation of Palestine. I don't believe that's a provocation.'
    Perhaps not in Denmark , Ias .:-D

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  11. [h=2]Now that's a butt stroke ......[/h]Well to be fair it was more of a magazine/pistol grip push than a butt stoke.
    Still a great way to show the twat who's in charge though :)
  12. "Butt strike" surely? I was under the impression that butt stroking was only for the fish heads.
  13. A bulldozer is more traditional.
  14. I take it he didn't realiste that those song lyrics (translated from the Palestinian) go something like

    "You fat ******* jew bastards get orf moi land
    Your mother was a pig and your daughter is shagging a goyim"
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