now that is just taking the p***

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by CRmeansCeilingReached, Jan 5, 2007.

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  1. hmmm...

  2. When I came out of the army I bought a house in Moss
    Side Manchester (well Rusholme really..) and after a
    two week break in Spain, I came home to find my house gutted
    out with yes... the Toilet and the bath gone!

    There must be money in WCs and other bathroom porcelain.
    Beats me how but there you go!
  3. Did the police have anything to go on?

  4. :lol: The chances of this not being a squaddie are nil...somebody will be waking up with this in their bedspace and trying to remember where the fcuk they got it from...

    Due to the technical nature of removing it from the wall without breaking it, he won't be in the infantry :wink:
  5. over the years from the pubs i'v run, things that have been thieved -
    pool cues, pool balls, chairs (and one table), pictures off the walls, bar towels, firewood from outside, my motorbike, lightbulbs and fittings ('its gone dark in the vault' to find the fittings screwed off the walls), music speakers (ones both inside and out nicked), a cigarette machine, numerous bandits, a old glazed and cut window (removed from outside one night), a condom machine,
    and the pub cat.

    after reading this i may now have to chain the shitters to the wall as well.
  6. Why would somebody in the Army want it? :roll:

    I've just heard that a very high % of our MQ and SLA are in grade 1 or 2 condition! :wink:
  7. Maybe it was just an RE and/or osnatraz thing, but having a 'trophy' in your bedspace after a nite on the pish was de riguer... :twisted: :lol:
  8. Was he taking the pi$$ or what?

  9. Very drole!

    How long did it take you to think up that one??? :wink:
  10. whit_RE Maybe it was just an RE and/or osnatraz thing, but having a 'trophy' in your bedspace after a nite on the pish was de riguer...

    At Munsterlagger in about 82, two of the lads returned from a night of intercourse and intoxication in Hannover with a palm tree in their car, back windows down, leaves out of one window and a big concrete pot out of the other and no, they weren’t wedge heads, they were from the 12th Squadron of the rickshaws camels and taxis!
  11. I knew we weren't the only ones :lol: if its not nailed down its buckshee

    I saw a bit of the cctv footage of this guy on the news, he had a GBFO mexican tash, which makes him a tom or one of THEM 8)
  12. I believe this is your coat....

  13. wow, wish i had thought of that for the title of the thread :roll:
  14. New title.

    How about!

    'What an abolution nightmare!'

  15. Oh least give me some credit for trying whilst totally rat arsed :wink: