Now that Amanda Knox's appeal has been overturned....

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Dukie94, Mar 26, 2013.

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  1. ...can we go back to referring to her as the convicted murderer Amanda Knox?
  2. Yeah, knock yerself out mate.
  3. Excellent!

    *doffs cap*
  4. Is that it? I wasted a mouse click to read this thread
  5. Convicted murderess Shirley!
  6. Sexy fucking murderess more like it.

    Mmmm, danger sex.

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  7. What were you expecting?

    A full frontal of the convicted murderess (thanks cernunnos) Amanda Knox, AKA Foxy Knoxy with tits oot?
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  8. wonder if she has OJ's legal team?
  9. To the Holy Grail thread!
  10. What I find most interesting about this case is the polarisation. The American Media Circus seems to have issued a collective gasp, and the headlines in some major U.S. news outlets speak for themselves:

    "An Innocent Abroad" from the New York Times --> an oldie but a goodie. I am providing a link, because I find the comments section particularly enlightening.
    "Amanda Knox's Slander Trial Moved to Florence" from ABC News
    "She thought the nightmare was over" from New York Daily News
    Even Salon, a magazine that I respect for its typically nuanced coverage, insights, and journalistic standards gives us this pathos-laden headline: "Amanda Knox: "painful" to have acquittal overturned, "confident" in truth"

    My personal favourite though is this gem from Singapore-based AsiaOne News: "Amanda Knox back in the dock: 'she-devil' or girl-next-door?"
    Definitely worth a read, as it's a treasure trove of adjectives that I never thought could be combined in one story: lascivious, demonic, slovenly, seductive, naive, demure, drug-fuelled, etc.

    I know we Brits often think that our own media are an abyss of misinformation, but as a current ex-pat, I can assure you that I miss the objectivity of British reporting!

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  11. I think that would do much to rehabilitate her in the eye's of this august shower......
  12. BuggerAll

    BuggerAll LE Reviewer Book Reviewer

    As ever when plod (or is that il ploddi) fucks up it leads to reasonable doubt.

    From what has been reported it appears that the Italian police were sufficiently incompetent that we'll probably never know whether they did it or not.

    BTB whether she was sexually active or a nun is pretty irrelevant.

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  13. You are quite right, BuggerAll. Judging from a distance, the Italian police and special investigators did apparently make quite a mess of the investigation - from questionable interrogation techniques in the absence of a defence lawyer to contaminated DNA evidence. It is indeed doubtful that the truth will ever be known.

    I disagree on the relevance of her sex life. It appears to have played a role in the crime, which is described as a sex-murder case, and thus it could be important to examine those aspects of her past. Sex and jealousy are powerful motivators as the number of crimes committed in their names proves.

    For me, the most fascinating part is the immediate and unreflective assumption of many Americans that she must be innocent by virtue of being a pretty, young American woman, whilst many Brits immediately claim she is guilty, because the victim was a pretty, young British woman. The comments on many U.S. Web sites express utter astonishment that a court in a foreign country could even have jurisdiction in a case involving an American citizen.

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  14. Does make me wonder if a mind reader doing a tour of the United States would be hearing "America, fuck yeah!" on a loop.

    Then again I seem to remember a certain level of indignation here, rightly or wrongly, over the Louise Woodward case.

    What I find really interesting is the potential for an extradition request and how it would be dealt with in Washington given the lop-sided extradition deal the last Labour government generously agreed on our behalf.
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