Now tell us something we didnt know

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by PartTimePongo, May 24, 2005.

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    ....and drugs. Or did they think IRATT just go to South America to give the local 'irregulars' WHT's?
  2. What is the saying......a leopard never changes its spots :roll: ...there's too much money to be made for the Boyo's to give up arms and their variety of "business's" being run in the name of the Republicanism

    Still good to read old Peter Hain stating that the Loyalists are up to much more evil deeds than the lovely IRA :evil:
  3. Pre-note: I'm well aware about problems of NI.

    Many Britons live outside the UK. Pensioners love Spain. France is very popular too.

    Imagine this situation: Ulster is declared as a part of Irish republic. Taking into account that Ireland is member of EU then would Britons be seriously affected?
  4. Yes, because the Britons living in Britain wouldn't be any more.
  5. They'd probably be a lot happier if N.I became a part of Germany or even (spit) France. There's a level of, shall we say, antipathy, towards all things Irish within a not insignificant portion of the population.

    Anyone who believes that the conflict between the cultures is likely to end, or given the current situation not escalate in the wake of re-unification is apt to recieve a shock.
  6. In the same context would russia be affected by letting go of chechnya :roll:
  7. NI's not Britain CrapSpy, but it is part of the UK. :wink:
  8. Not to be confused with those of us who have made our home in the Province who have absolutely no objections to a purely democratic decision being made about our future boundaries; our objection is most definitely to having a gang of unreconstructed gangster-terrorists in any sort of authority over us. Ever.
  9. Not to be confused indeed.

    For my own part I'd like to believe that I could live as an ex-pat Brit in any future Unified Ireland. Given my actual area of residence though and the fact that my other half is a Dub. I would imagine that things could get a wee bit hairy with the locals who aren't quite so chuffed about the change.

    Remains to be seen and with the recent directions taken by Brit Gov PLC, I might be tempted to brazen it out a bit.

    I doubt that any "unreconstituted" types would find any solace within a 32 county Republic, they may in fact find their activities, whatever they may be under considerably closer scrutiny than they are at present.
  10. Hurrah for Awols political geography exactitude!!

    In all seriousness elder generations of my family say that there was a widely held view that joining the EU would result in a United Ireland (whether by de facto osmosis or a general outbreak of "unitedness"). Said elder generations and the people they held these views in common with ranged from pale to deep orange.

    THEN, someone had a go at revolution and everyone picked sides.....

    The middle class wouldnt bat an eyelid if they thought no one was watching.
    If they were convinced it was a better deal the loyalists would go along.
    The provos would begin a campaign to unite ardoyne, south armagh and the bogside with the areas occupied by the treaty signing wimps.
  11. It is a big separate question (about Chehcnya). I'm interesting namely in situation with NI.

    But it would be unpolite to ignore your question. Chechnya was de facto indpendent few years. Chechen president (late mr.Maskhadov) was elected. But Chechnya had not become democratic state, it was an enclave of terrorists and criminals (drugs, kidnapping and so on). At last, Chechen militants crossed border and began offensive outside Chechnya. It was led to so called second Chechen war and present situation.

    By contrast, Irish republic is democratic state where no doubt all interests of Britons would be defended. Moreover in special agrement right of British minority could be outlined. I believe that PACE, OSCE, European court for human rights are powerfull enough instruments and there would be no problem for Britons to live in Irish Republic.

    Btw, several year ago (in Soviet times) I met one Irishman (Dennis) from Limeric. I showed to him most beautiful stations of Moscow's Metro and he answered that our Merto in London is good too. I had an impression that he regarded the UK as his country too.


  12. There's also the point that (IMO) a majority of Brits at least distrust, if not completely loathe the EU (as a government structure). It's trying to be a super-state, but without a public mandate to do so. It's un-democratic, corrupt, in-efficient and unwanted. It's pretty much only loved by politicians because it forms a future career path after they finish in national politics. certinly in UK politics the Commissioners are washed politicans (Kinnock or Patten) or those who have been kicked out for corruption (Mandelsson). I certainly won't trust that shower of poo with NI.
  13. I remember how loud was the shout "6 into 32 - won't go"
  14. Back to the original posting.

    Let's get it straight, non of the groups will ever disband. Orange or Green they will merely turn into somekind of underground criminal system, where they may work together even.

    They still want their perks, ie holidays in spain, and they still want cash for not working. So they sign on the British dole, sell crack, pimp protitutes and demand protection money from now until whenever.

    That's providing they don't return to their terrorist ways.

    And tony will grin, and hand jive and welcome them in to parliment.
  15. I don't think the IRA will ever give up their 'lifestyle'. As terrorists, they're 'somebody'; to be feared, in power, power over life and death, etc. Even if they succeed, they're left out of the transformation because of the very tactics used to get their cause into power. If they stop, they're a 'nobody'; if they win, they're a 'nobody'. If they just continue the struggle, they remain a 'somebody' to fear. I wonder how many even remember or know why they're fighting...

    That's why I fully support no statute of limitations for terrorists or their acts. Find the b*stards and pile on; pound on them until the survivors quit.

    I just wish there was some way to strangle off the support coming out of the USA for the IRA.