now t.v.

Okay gents,if you get a day pass for now tv through xbox live,is the pass for one day only,or does it expire after you have viewed twenty four hours worth?
Thanks in advance.
Do you have sky at home? I only ask as you could get sky go through your xbox for free if you do.
No not now.I purcased a pass a few weeks back to watch a match.I only watched for about three hours.I've tried now and it still comes on.been on nowtv website,but can't find relavant info.hope the c**t don't go off when tonight's games on:)
Not wishing to incur the wrath of @jarrod248 I'll post this here;
Sky is shedding a little light today on its next-generation Now TV box and a new monthly streaming plan for Sky Sports. Its refreshed hardware, which slipped out earlier this year in an investor presentation, will debut this August for £14.99 with an ethernet port and a five times faster processor. It's based on the Roku 3 player, the same as the company's "Sky Online TV Box" in Italy, which means it should finally support 1080p streaming too.

Just bought the Roku 4205EU from Currys, hidden behind the older Roku 2's. Just wondering if anyone knows if Sky will be streaming the GPs in HD? Don't know if it's technically possible.

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