now smoking in your own home is in danger

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by bossyboots, Jan 9, 2007.

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  1. I can't believe it....what next, couples banned from bonking in their own bedrooms??

    This is nanny gone barmy. :x
  2. Smoking a crack pipe is more socially acceptable than ciggies at the moment.

    The bloke should blunderbus the biatch that made the complaint.

    To be fair. It's not exactly the local councils fault. They have an obligation to investigate any complaint. Regardless if it's boner than a big bag of bones.
  3. I know, bollox is,nt it. I dont smoke but if someone wants to in thier own gaff who are the council to tell them otherwise. Too many tw4ts with nice little quangos in local goverment with time on thier hands if you ask me !!
    Once they get rid of the weed , booze will be next. We are already seeing warning labels on bottles. Dont ya just luuurve living in this Country....

  4. I'm still baffled as to how the smoke managed to penetrate a wall :?

    This woman should be made to smoke 40 fags a day for the next week...beagle style :x
  5. As the council bod said, he has a duty to check out the complaint.

    Just try thinking - if cigarette smoke is getting through to the house next door then wouldn't smoke from a house fire simiilarly get through with possibly more disastrous consequences. Also carbon monoxide.

    Nowhere in the article does it say that the smoking couple will be compromised in any way, or just what the result of a confirmation of the complaint will be
  6. If there is shared ventilation then it is quite possible, similarly if an interconnecting wall has crumbling mortar.

  7. The pikey should make sure her fcuking house is in good order then instead of whinging like a little black shirted Nazi.
  8. Then surely that is upto the landlord to replace the mortar? Not the couple to stop smoking in their own home.
  9. If the landlord is the council? Or if the two couples own their own homes?

    How much of a stink do You think will eminate from the press if the woman who complained succomed to the fumes from a fire in her neighbours house
  10. What a crass statement, if she is renting then it is up to the landlord, and if the landlord is the council?

    If both occupiers own their own home - who is responsible for the upkeep of the interconnecting wall?
  11. Who gives a fcuk? Whinging cow.

    How many houses in the country could possibly have the same fault? Fcuk all to do with a neighbour smoking. It appears this tart has issues.
  12. Oxygen.... sorry, smoke thief.

    I am sure cigarette taxation keeps overall taxes down, the NHS tells us that if we smoke our blood will be custard after a packet and it kills our children in a matter of five years yet they only grow up to become chav little idiots thanks to the nanny state preventing them from becoming men and learning how to spell 'Great' without filling it with numbers.

    It has Blair written all over it.
  13. Yes, apparently her house stinks from filthy smoking pikeys - they should be shot and not heard

  14. Crass or not, her complaint is jumping on the anti smoking lobbiest bandwagon IMHO.

    If she has an issue with the state of her property, she should raise that direct issue with her landlord.

    She should still be thrown in a skip.
  15. Well its not down to them smoking per say. It would appear that the signs of smoke in her house is down to the property being in a shoddy state. It's either an over hyped story or she really needs to have a chat with her landlord. The smoke is an indicator. But if shes just complaining about the neighbours smoking, she needs filling in.

    So, its either her whining or an indicator that her property needs sorting. One or the other.