Now she wants £500,000...........Sexy T

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by No_Duff, Apr 14, 2010.

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  1. Now she wants £500,000: Reclining on a brass bed and calling herself Sexy T... the single mother soldier suing over child care


    This is the latest picture of the former soldier who has won a controversial sex discrimination claim over Army childcare.

    Dressed in see-through white mesh top and tight jeans, single mother Tilern DeBique relaxes on a brass bed.

    She posted the picture on MySpace, where she calls herself SexyT and says she 'plays hard'. She adds: 'Give me a shout sometime and see how we get on... hope you're up for a laugh and can manage a good time and the truth cause that's what you get with me.'

    But yesterday the former lance-corporal admitted rejecting a five-year posting to a base which had facilities to look after her daughter. Miss DeBique admitted turning down a five-year posting to Blandford Army Camp in Dorset, which would have provided the care she had needed for her little girl.

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    What a waste of space this piece of sh*t is.
  2. Piss orf No_No_duff. Thats a bloke.
  3. When stuff like this is allowed to happen, we might as well disband the MOD and call it a day. We've had some excellent recruits from Commonwealth countries, but why did we need to go hunting them in the first place? It's a slippery slope to long hair, trade unions and no war after 1700 hours every friday.
  4. As evidently she can't do her duty , parades , work etc she should simply be discharged as a waste of space.
    Just shows how stupid the law is under New Liarbour that a cunt like this can get compensasion
  5. From the mail article.
    ".....She is representing herself at the compensation hearing. Yesterday her daughter sat beside her, playing with toys and a colouring book. The former signals technician left her £25,000-a-year Army post after only seven of the 22 years she signed up for.
    Even without considering possible promotions and pay rises, her compensation claim for loss of earnings would add up to £375,000...."

    Looking at the photo it is extremely unlikely she was ever going to complete 22 years of service plus the fact she was still a tech lancejack afer 7 years doesn't exactly show she was shining in her chosen career.

    The MOD need fvcking with a ragmans trumpet allowing this waste of skin to be in a position to cream off that much money in compensation.
  6. pic not showing? can someone DII it for us?
  7. You may live to regret that call, Taff.
  8. could have sworn it was a posting order, not a request, sure i was in another unit with her.....not good at all
  9. haha just spat my tea out, perfect description
  10. To quote Col Nathan R Jessop, USMC, in the film A Few Good Men:

    You can't handle the truth! :evil:
  11. yep she is unfortunately
  12. Incoming wah in
  13. i was thinking that after i posted, but thought fcuk it lol
  14. Auld-Yin

    Auld-Yin LE Reviewer Book Reviewer Reviews Editor

    Ah, memories of BAOR in the 60's & 70's.
  15. Auld yin, I find that hard to believe. People in BAOR served as well you know. They all deserve a medal and the Government is being mean for not giving them one.

    Let's see how long that takes to get some nibbbles.