Now "pondlife" is considered offensive!

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by stoatman, Jan 17, 2006.

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    A detective is facing disciplinary proceedings for referring to a career criminal as "pondlife" -- in a private conversation with another officer! My word, we wouldn't want to go offending criminals now, would we?

    (my bold)

    This chap talks some sense, but seems to just accept excessive political correctness as a way of life now. Surely this is getting out of hand, and the rank and file officers should campaign against it?
  2. Who actually made the complaint that it may have been offensive to the crim?

    It is 'they' that should be bounced out of the force!
  3. But "they" are the ones obeying Lord Protector Tony's new rules!
  4. I wonder if the criminal has ever referred to a policeman in a derogatory manner which he might find offensive..'fcuking pig'? Can he sue the criminal?
  5. Cutaway

    Cutaway LE Reviewer

    I think you'll find that the crim can sue the copper.
    The evil policeman attempted to hinder the crims means of livelihood, ie thieving, thereby subjecting him to the trauma of being forced to use such language.

    Before you ask, the answer is no, the above excuse doesn't work both ways - the Police are not permitted to benefit.
  6. Ahhhh Bless the poor sensitive little souls, they'll be wanting a bedtime story and a peck on the cheek from the Govenor next... Lets just shoot the lot of them... save the taxpayer some money.
  7. Goes to show, the person who made the complaint was probably promoted into a post to fill a quota rather than on merit.
  8. The Coppers Blog here gives some detail and a link to further information. The officers were taped by their own complaints department and the same department put forward the complaint.

    Coppers Blog

    In the same vein we have this happening in court. The police should claim it's part of their culture:

    Offensive words
  9. Where have you been living for the last 10 years? Didn't you know that it is part of their culture and that all coppers are institutionally racist? This is why the thought police have been set up, to stamp on it. Pretty soon we'll have the first case of offensive body language handed to the CPS for 'fast-tracking' through the courts.
  10. Apparently there is a list of words that coppers are expressley forbidden to use;

    pikey, gippo, nonce, slag and now pondlife has been added to the list.
  11. Prisoners as 'cons' and 'bodies', con being short for convicts. Who is Anne Owen to say how we can refer to prisoners?, bring back Martin Nary, at least he knew what was what! I dont get a sad on at being called a 'screw' and a 'screwesse' albeit not to my face, ( thats chargable as insubordination) and the 'cons' dont get a sad on about being called a con, so whats her gripe? Its time she got a grip an shut the fcuk up
  12. I represent the "Friends of Pondlife" which counts among its members an astronomical number of parameciums, amoebas, euglenas, rotifers, algae, frogs, and many species of insects.

    We take the strongest exception to the insensitive derogation of our pond culture by the Nottinghamshire Police Department.

    Our members resent being compared to common criminals.

    We are lodging formal complaints with the department, the United Nations, and the Home Office.

    We expect a great deal of groveling and stuttering by the offending parties and it would be best that we not be disappointed.
  13. NWD, please please do it, at least to the NottPlod. Bet you do get a response, too. Let us know.