Now or then?

Hiya All,

I need some frank advice. I am overweight, unfit and can't do a pull-up to save my life. I am 28 and have always wanted to join the Army but have never got off my lazy ass to do it.

I have decided enough is enough! I hate my current job and want to get into the Army and fulfill my ambition.

I have done a bit of running with great difficulty and I'm considering joining my local BMF to help loose the weight and get fit for application.

My question though is should I get fit enough first to pass selection before applying or apply now and prepare in the mean time?



start preparing now and get your application in. It can take a while to get to selection (depending on how your medical forms go) they wont send you to selection if your not fit enough so might aswell have the application in now
my two cence
speedybham said:
BlackScorpion said:
speedybham said:
when you get back off your next run, check your bmi!

linky to check your bmi

give you an idea of what your target is, i'm with ironeye, theres no time like the present

Bloody hell my BMI is currently 31.1 - I'm Obese

get a box of bin liners and a good pair of trainers 8O

Only if the bin liners are for throwing his stash of Ginsters/Doritos/cakes etc. into.
BlackScorpion said:
Don't forget my chocolate! Seriously though...I take that's what the bags are for?!?!?

Yes, though some people may try and persuade you that running in a bin liner is a good way to lose weight. 8O 8O

It is in a way, as you will lose fluids, but you won't burn any more carbs or lose any extra fat, and there is an increased danger of dehydration. So don't do it!!

Eat less, cut the crap out of your diet, cut back on the beer and sodas, and exercise regularly. Honestly it works.



Can I just point out that BMI is a bit bollocks.

It only goes on your height and weight, so therefore most bodybuilders would be obese, or any guy packing a bit of muscle. It's rubbish.


BMI is ONLY balls if you are a weight lifter / rugby player / racing snake but to be honest if you can't do a chin up and struggle with a little run then your BMI is too high! So for the OP it's a useful guide.

Oh and to the OP, speak to the ACIO and see what they say. It can't hurt to have all the paperwork squared away but DO NOT go to AOSB or the Briefing before you are at the required weight and fitness.
A bin bag very useful on run. Tie two bits of paracord to it, then use it as a drogue to add resistance...I am sure that was the use intended?
Thanks guys!

Hey, you know the 1.5 mile run. Is your time a 'best effort' after an initial run as a squad so therefore 3 miles in total or just 1.5miles circular?

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