Now on BBC4 Royal Regimental Stories - Tank Regiment

The one on the Royal Welsh was total bollux, they seemed not to know which battalion was which, !st Battalion was the old 23rd Regiment of foot, 2nd Battalion was the 24/41st , but they for some unknown reason seemed to think it more important to show the 1st, ?????????????????/
It was a bit weak I thought, I don't understand quite what the point is of that program? It is not like joe civvy is interested in the armed forces, much less in individual regiments, no?
Watched it, rather underwhelmed… lots of WWI stuff and rather short of Challies tearassing up the countryside and breaking stuff.
iPlayer for me - someone else wanted to watch something about making cakes.....
Im enjoying the series, the Welsh had some nice historical details I wasnt aware of, the paras too had info I was unaware of etc. RTR not an institution I knew much about at all so very informative, I presume these have now been banned though.


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