Now Its After the Army v Navy

Big thanks to everyone who attended the Sharon Elliott Memorial Rugby Match on Friday then helped set up, run, and/or drink their way through the Corps beer tent yesterday. Best run facility of any available on the day. :D Special thanks to Vodka J for organising it all and making sure the beers never ran out. Liked the new Corps rugby strip. Heard a rumour (before I got too pi55ed :p ) that some more will be made and sold at Chicksands for those who want them.

P.S. The game was a bit dull but the streaker did liven things up for 5 minutes. He should have kept running away from the stewards waddling after him. Made great entertainment.
I hope that wasn't me!!!
rebel_with_a_cause said:
I hope that wasn't me!!!
No, no don't worry! Its the stewards that were waddling, not the streaker!

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