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Discussion in 'Int Corps' started by cpunk, Jan 8, 2012.

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  1. cpunk

    cpunk LE Moderator

  2. cpunk, that must have been when 10 'Sick, Lame and Lazy' Sigs were there, shafted
    a few of the good looking Girlies (lying bwasterd) there when stationed with 260 in
    Shoeburyness, 10 had the easiest access Virgin Villas in the Corps!
  3. Why,the only person to make a verifyable statement was,Stella Rimington which was so ambiguous as to be useless.

    If it ain't in black and white it's worthless,and I would just like to say,during this time,as a serving member of HM Forces,I was running a spy ring in Chipping Norton! ;-)
  4. What? Two weeks every summer with 14 Coy or FRU was it?
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  5. "Another former soldier of 20 COY, who now lives outside England, told The Independent: "We knew that MI5 and SB [Special Branch] were doing all kinds of things at the time. But the difference is that we were the Army, we were happy to go on undercover ops in Northern Ireland where there was a genuine terrorist threat. It simply wasn't our business to be spying on fellow citizens simply because the government did not like them."

    Now I don't claim to know everything that went on in NI, but I'm pretty confident that there were no TA int units conducting Ops in the Province. So it doesn't really help the credibility of the rest of this fantasy.

    How long before the book comes out with suitably black nasty photo's?

  6. I meant that I found it hard to believe that anyone would give any credence to the story, even a desperate journalist.
  7. I was at school when this was supposed to be going on, but when I did pitch up a decade or so later it was made very clear to me that the (V) side of the house did not go anywhere near NI. Given the serious nature of the threat back then I can't believe that they ever did. We forget just how much of a Cold War ghetto the INT & Sy Gp (V) used to be. Hell, in those days you'd have been lucky to find anyone with the vetting to even be allowed to read about ongoing ops !
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  8. Carol Maychell was locked up at Hampstead as 20 Coy looked for spies in Swiss Cottage. It was in the Observer years ago so it must be true!
  9. I remember her, I think she set some kind of record for number of MTDs done in her last year with us.
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  10. Maybe someone has been watching...
  11. Does time in custody count?
  12. If its in the Independent it must be true. Far be it from me to suggest that a high-rolling Intelligence Corps reservist of old has fallen on hard times and been generously paid by a lazy hack for another spurious, and unverifiable "Military Intelligence" story.

    Perhaps there is a Lazy Hack around ( who has woken too early, by mistake) who might care to comment before the bar opens.

    There is closely-aligned, retrospective reportage here :
  13. Not only 20 Sy Coy from St Johns Wood, but also an elite band of Senior and Junior NCOs based in the Keep in Hounslow (long before 99 was born) I can now reveal that when we weren't trying to shag the Lesbos in the Bruno Club, some of us actually mingled with the crowd, taking photos with our Pentaxs' !

    I even attracted the attention of a Group from CND who asked me my name so they could send me the literature I so eagerly craved. What was my name I hear you ask - why twas Gaylord - and my address was coincidentally my Sgt Majors home address in Tonbridge at the time ! - I admit it, it still brings a tear to my eye when I think of Bonzo refusing to take an active part in case he was compromised.
  14. You forget of course that part of 23 Sy Coy (V) were pretty close to Northern Ireland if Belfast is near Northern Ireland - that is when they weren't trying to smuggle poteen on their annual camp in Emblem, Belgium !