Now Is The Winter Of Our Discontent

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Chodmeister, Sep 14, 2011.

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  1. Mr_Fingerz

    Mr_Fingerz LE Book Reviewer

    A series of one day strikes by Unison, the GMB, Unite, the PCS and the FBU will inconvenience a lot of people, not least the strikers themselves (they will lose pay for each day of the strike). The knock on effects will cause some (not insurmountable) problems for the employers.

    What this won't do is cause the demise of the unions.
  2. I've been saying it for a long time but UNITE is the one to watch it's got a new Gen. sec. ready to make his mark, it's the biggest union in the country and it's been making plans for a long time.
    I'm with them all the way if it keeps my pension safe from these robbing Tory creatures.
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  3. What he said.
  4. I imagine quite the opposite.
    Toora loora loora loo
    I'll tell you something awfu' true
    You wouldnae hae your telly the noo
    If it wasnae for the Union

    I had a boss in Aberdeen
    The nicest fella that ever was seen
    He must have thought me helluva green
    Before I joined the Union

    I had a boss named Allardyce
    He was really helluva nice
    Except for the way he loaded the dice
    Before I joined the Union

    I had a boss, his name was Black
    He told all the workers to call him Jack
    But he was bloody good at giving the sack
    Before I joined the Union

    A pal of mine has bought a car
    A second-handed Jaguar
    He wouldn't hae travelled half as far
    If it wasn't for the Union

    The bosses they were doing fine
    Wee wains[1] are working down the mine
    They'd have them on the assembly lines
    If it wasn't for the Union

    So men and women all agree
    It's time to rise up off your knee
    And raise the banner of unity
    Forward with the Union
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  6. he said.
  7. BBC News - Ed Miliband heckled at TUC over pension strike stance
    Look at this creature, was it Churchill who said the opposition's job is to oppose, well he's biting the hand that feeds. There would be no Labour party without union money. If Labour doesn't support it's members and of course many union members pay a political levy to the Labour party, who does it support, themselves?
    I could well see the unions forcing Milliband out if he's not careful. I shall continue to stock up on tinned goods, get plenty of fuel for the generator and get my dads old donkey jacket.
    Don't forget the word 'tory' was an insult meaning thief.
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  8. Professional politician, straight from university into politics with little or no life skills. More interested in keeping his job than his promises, ungrateful bastard eh?
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  9. Has the meaning been changed then?
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  10. I guess he'd better rememebr who pays the bills then and it's not Sainsburies.
  11. This presupposes that Labour still thinks of its self as the party of the working classes. Wasn't it Lord John," I'll never accept a title" Prescott who said "we're all middle class now"? Does the TUC still really think that the shadow cabinet (as opposed to the backbenchers) really represent their interests in the Palace of St James?
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  12. No, but it's not seen as the insult it once was.
  13. Its because Miliband trying to be Blair Mk2 and keep the middle class on side and is terrified of scaring them off by appearing too pro-union so has made a complete hash of a compromise. Have no idea how this will play out but will be interesting it Cameron decides he is Thatcher's heir.
  14. The Working Class
    Can kiss my arse
    I've got the Gaffer's
    Job at last!
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