NOW I'm angery.

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by johnojohnson, Mar 11, 2005.

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  1. Fcuk them them all. BBC "The polotics Show. Normaly an entertaining show as Portilo and the 'Other' person a diometrically oposed to each others point of view.

    BUT tonight they are discussing the IRA option to murder the MEMBERS that commited the offence. But to justify the IRA position and give an "Unbiased" POV (point of view) to them they chose some Ex-Convicted muderer-cum-political writer (I would like to be able to express my next few comment to those Jurnos who do not think too quickly, but my mindest does not slow down that much) who could not be A-political if it meant that his ball*cks stayed attached to his body.

    There has been a lot of sh1t acreditted to the NeuArbeit/BBC amalgamation but I never thought I would see such blatant poloticing from the IRA given such freedom.

    It's not a case of "I'll get my coat" but more a case (square rig, front pack with passport) point me towards the "USSR" boarder let me know when the Green light say I'm over parlement square.
  2. Saw it as well (still on). Abbott and Portillo were suspiciously quiet. Perhaps they forgot the script!:wink:
  3. As we speak, we have a black american rampaging about "getting the black vote" and achieving a whole 100 votes in an evening and WE (ARRSE) have been promoting 'Register To Vote' for the past 6 fcuking weeks and still no public acknowledgement.

    BIASED I think so
  4. Anyone recall the 'Grungy-One, Gonad, erm Grundrain.......ah Guraniad' attempt to appeal to voters prior to the US Presidential election?
  5. Yes. Of those over here who knew of it, few cared. The local response was mostly amusement and derision.
  6. 99% of us here could'nt give a twopenny f*ck and still don't :twisted: