Now i know we are in the crap.

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by tonto108, Nov 5, 2008.

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  1. Bloody hell! I agree with her, chalk that one up as a first.

    but it has taken a helluva time for someone to say what lots on here have been saying for years that politics has been hijacked by a small group of certain thinking people. Do you think she has been on Arrse?
  2. I'm not sure that Blears, a ginger-haired, ageing, slightly buck-toothed, intellectually-challenged, narrow-focussed, handbag-obsessed dwarf, is in a position to make such a statement. Her life experience to date consists of local and national government. Perhaps she's advocating that she should be replaced in post - I'd support that.
  3. Maybe she should be replaced aswell, but she does have a point the majority of the politicians have no real world experience for themselves. Though you'd think it's why the Lib Dems have people like Vince Cable, e.g. people who know what they're talking about. It's not like the front man really has to know what to do, he's just a face for the people telling him what to do.
  4. Our politicians need to be people of deeds, not words. Simple as.
  5. Of course, our government is naturally entirely blameless. Damn those scurrilous bloggers. Perhaps someone should license them.

    To protect our political culture, naturally. :roll:
  6. The present day political class reminds me of the French aristocricy in the late 18th Century. Basically we have come full circle since those days and need to clean house again
  7. I thought she was a hobbit, David Davis is ok he was the one who blew the whistle on the welsh assembly sponsering thr all ireland slimming comp "the hunger"
  8. She wants to give nightmares to all of the up-and-coming professional quasi-socialists thinking of challenging her for their political futures, I suspect.



  9. Barsteward, I've just had breakfast.
  10. Clare Short got there waaaayyyy before this in the book she wrote about Blair and the entry into Iraq ( 'An Honourable Deception' ). She is one of two labour politicians ( both women, both left-wing) w whom I've ever seen as having the guts (whilst Blair was IN Office), to open their mouths and cut through the crap about the entire fiasco ....(Glenda Jackson, on Question Time, spoke up for the militaryin the build up to our going into Iraq this time round, saying that it'd be the ' poor bloody Infantry' who took the flak), and

    Clare Short's resignation from Cabinet in 2003 due to the fact she couldn't stand the stench anymore. Someone willing put their entire careers on the line for the sake of telling the truth.

    Hazel, on the other hand, sat last year on QT with that simpering smile of hers during a debate on the levels of immigration, stating how 'wonderfully cosmopolitan and diverse' her area of London is. Hard to resist writing something bitchy at this point, suffice to say, whenever I see her face on the TV, I have very violent thoughts. :x :x :x
  11. That last post was really badly written.My apologises.
  12. dear joey building guillotin as we speak
  13. My apologies.

  14. Robin Cook also resigned. After his 2003 resignation from the Cabinet, he remained an active backbench Member of Parliament until his death. After leaving the Government, Cook was a leading analyst of the decision to go to war in Iraq, giving evidence to the Foreign Affairs Select Committee which was later relevant during the Hutton and Butler inquiries.