Now, I know this might be a bit cheeky...

Discussion in 'Gaming and Software' started by Squiggers, Dec 21, 2009.

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  1. But I thought it was worth posting anyway. :wink:

    Basically, I've been running the development of a indie game (Think like a normal game, minus publishers...) based around Northern Ireland, and the general 1980's feel.

    Now, i've always stated that at least some of the profit we makes goes to H4H, as part of the thanks to the lads who do a job that I probably couldn't (Too much of a pansy), along with the help we've received via info from these boards. (Some may remember the PTSD thread in the Intel Cell a while back, that was to do with this.)

    Now, the main thing i'm asking for, is basically a little bit of help with voting. Every year, a site called ModDB runs a competition called "Indie/Mod of the Year".

    The winner basically has a very, very large chance of getting themselves published (Last 3 winners have), or at the very least sold, along with winning numerous other shiny bits and pieces to do with development.

    If it isn't too much to ask, could some people please vote for us?

    Sorry if its the wrong area to ask, or even to ask at all! :oops:

  2. Hi,
    looks a good idea, is this a mod or a standalone game?
  3. Standalone - we were able to do that after Epic (Guys who created Unreal Tournament and Gears) released the development tools for free.

    Was originally a mod, but we went with using Unreal3 as its such a sexy looking beast, runs well, and gives us a much wider base of users.
  4. BrunoNoMedals

    BrunoNoMedals LE Reviewer

    When you actually releasing it? I voted, but I felt a bit dirty doing it seeing as the game's not out yet!
  5. Sorry but I would want to see and play the game before I voted. If there is a working demo or something then let us know.
  6. Like soldier.a I won't vote for it unless I have played it. I have priciples you know!!
  7. Ehhh, we're a good 2-3 months off until we've got a working demo - a lot of coding still needs doing yet, along with the environments built up.

    Still, you can judge on the "Oo, shinyness" factor, or the content, but I fully understand - thanks for voting anyway! :D
  8. you get me a 30 minute demo you can have my vote, until then i don't think it's fair really as those that have released and will have some acclaim will feel robbed and disheartened being beat by a game not even playable yet
  9. Bearing in mind all of the previous debates on this thread/ topic/ mod, I feel able to make my vote based on what you have said it SHOULD have when ready.... That being said, as previously suggested, a working copy/ beta release would be nice :wink:
  10. Well, years ago I saw an ad on telly with awesome graphics and stuff looked all shiney......bought the game and it was nothing like the ad.
  11. Well, there are actually prizes for "Best unreleased", that sort of thing, which is what we're trying to aim for. By the time the competition finishes (early-mid February) we should have a demo out showcasing most of the features. The complete thing, probably August/September, if we're lucky.

    I understand what you mean though.

    Arguably, that could be put down to clever PR on their part, or the designers not doing their job properly. Though, i get yas. ;)