Now how would you not notice this?

A really crap story. All so very juicy until you get to the last couple of paragraphs of the original 'news report' LINKY

Mr Weatherley last night said he was unaware his wife is a prostitute saying: “Oh no. It’s a bit of a shock. We separated in February and I had absolutely no idea at all.
Even a politician can't be responsible for what his ex-wife gets up to AFTER they split up especially since they split up before he was an MP, so she was never 'the wife of a tory MP at all. Just an excuse to try and dirty a tory's reputation and print some pictures of his ex-wife in her undies. All in all a complete non-story and an example of real gutter press.
I must admit the original story casts a somewhat different light on the matter.
Does show how idle and incurious NZ jornos are though!
Just a case of the press "not letting the truth get in the way of a 'good' story, and if there is no story make one up. notice that they get all the sensationalist copy done and dusted before dropping in the fact that they spit up before he was even an MP right at the end. Oh yes, by just mentioning when they split, not actually stating it.

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