Now how did that happen? French storms.

From The Guardian

The most savage gales for a decade killed at least 15 people in mainland Europe yesterday.

In the worst incident, four children aged between nine and 12 died when a sports centre near Barcelona collapsed as fierce winds lashed parts of northern Spain and south-west France.

I saw it on the French news last night and winds of 177kmh on the Bay of Biscay side were recorded, with it slightly breezier by the Med with 193kmh recorded.

There were plenty of shots of fallen trees or fallen trees that had fallen onto a car or fallen onto a house or fallen onto another tree which in turn had fallen onto a car or fallen onto a house or fallen onto.................................

To deal with this we were privileged to see Pierre (Le Numpty) out with his crimbo pressie of a small and rather wimpy looking chainsaw. He just got the chainsaw as he'd fallen out with the mother-in-law and so didn't get the safety equipment he so obviously needed. If Pierre uses his fingers to count, you can bet this morning, he'll be lucky if he gets past 8.5.

Further inland, the snow fell as it sometimes does but this snow had been booked for the third week in February so it caused a mixture of surprise and total chaos. You have to admire their passion for energy saving as an unlit snow drift on four Michelin tyres drove by and to further save on energy they appeared not to want to use the wipers either. Some maximized their energy savings by just leaving their cars though there's still probably a line of cars behind them as they are still waiting for the traffic lights to change to green. Obviously the lack of power hadn't quite sunk in yet unlike the 1.7 (ish) million people affected who spent the evening munching small birds by candle light.

But then came the pièce de résistance. They talked to a motorist and he looked shocked, extremely shocked in fact. He spoke in reasonable French but he obviously wasn't French as he spoke it too well. You could just detect a hint of a Surrey accent as he spoke although it might have been Hampshire. "It just blew over" he said in French and the camera zoomed in on a caravan and judging by the state of it, there's no way that new awning will ever fit. It had argued big time with the car and now sat on the side of the road just begging to be put out of its misery. As caravans go, that one is now most definitely an ex-caravan.

You just have to ask yourself what idiot would go out towing a caravan in weather such as that and that had been forecast? But as the camera panned back to the shocked motorist, you now have your answer. That one.