Now here is something you dont see every day..

Discussion in 'Aviation' started by bernoulli, Jul 16, 2005.

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  1. Afternoon all.

    We were heading down the M3 earlier today, when I saw this:


    Not a helo spotter, but isn't that a Huey?
  2. No, it's a lorry mate.
  3. You funneee guy, I kill you last... :D

    I have just upgraded the phot.
  4. Porridge_gun

    Porridge_gun LE Good Egg (charities)

    It is a Huey, I believe The Army Air Corps still operate them in Brunie..... I reckon it would take an hour or two to get that one turning and burning again though :D
  5. Yeah - Bell 212 still used in Brunei and now in Belize too.
  6. Aren't there still some 212s in Cyprus?
  7. 412 Griffin HAR 2s, SS.

  8. Was this taken from Flash's top trump cards or from the posters on his bedroom wal?

    Flash tell the forums how you turned up at wallop with an MFO box full of 'Warplane' and 'Flight international' magazines, two sets, one all well thumbed and I suspect glued together and another pristine 'show only, do not touch ever' for display in a special glass cabinet.
  9. Your mum asked me to take them down for you as you had phoned her the night before and were blubbing. You made a new friend though; Middlefinger became your bezzer. :lol:
  10. yep we still have Bell out here in Cyprus with crazy arrse aurgies flying them!

    they cant even tie their shoe laces!

    been up with them a few times what a scary experiance

    blondy :)
  11. In addition Flash's Mrs gave him his pocket money for the month, he went straight to the museum and bought one of these


    He was then seen in a pair of rubber underpants running round the camp making noises like machine gun 'Daaagggggaaaa Daaaagggaaaaa'

    He still has it and it takes pride of place on his 1960's tiled fireplace next to his cycling proficiency (for three wheelers) and cub scout attendance award.
  12. Crikey that pic, Since when did Brunei etc start doing the Lynx on exercise shuffle. No sorry just realized that was the war reserve been dragged out.