Novice .22LR Prone Shooter..... advice please...

Discussion in 'Shooting, Hunting and Fishing' started by legs-o-lead, May 17, 2010.

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  1. Been in local rifle club for 6 months now, and will shortly be able to apply for FAC.

    Want to buy a suitable match rifle for our 25 yard range.

    Have a budget of about £800 max for rifle after FAC fee, cabinet purchase etc.

    Can anyone recommend a suitable rifle ?

    Websense stops me from logging onto anything weapons related, so links would be no good....


  2. Fronty

    Fronty Old-Salt Book Reviewer

    I guess the cheapest option would be a CZ452 of some sort. They are cheap and reliable (I have two for hunting), but you do need to do work on the trigger to get them half decent.

    More expensive would be the Anschutz series. They have really nice triggers, good woodwork and are generally very good quality.

    To be honest, I'd probably go for a CZ452 with the ABS stock, then get a trigger kit from either Rimfire Magic or Eric Brooks. That should leave you change for a brick of Eley Tenex and a couple of pints aftyer the cabinet and the assorted other bits.
  3. Biped

    Biped LE Book Reviewer

    Well, if it's a half decent .22, as noted - go for perhaps the CZ453 instead, with the varmint barrel and set-trigger.

    Accurate, reliable, cheap.

    Edited to add: £450 for the CZ as above. Screw-cut too.

    Add a couple of hundred for a reasonable target scope, and you've still got £150 left for ammo, gun bag, cleaning kit, mounts etc.

    If you don't want the weight and don't mind the barrel getting hot after a few shots, then skip the varmint barrel.
  4. If you're a target shooter, get a secondhand Anschutz with a Model 54 action. You can't beat them for quality, consistency or reliability!
  5. Alsacien

    Alsacien LE Moderator

    Do you know exactly what discipline(s) you would like to initially do?
  6. I'm assuming that you're wanting to do target shooting rather than field shooting...

    It sounds like you should start looking for a second-hand Anschutz (or Walther, or Feinwerkbau). £800 should get you a decent enough target rifle for club-level use. By way of explanation, as-new prices start at £1600 and rise fast, mainly due to the strength of the Euro; on the bright side, the prices top out at about £3 to £4k for something that you could quite happily use at the Olympics.

    The NSRA shop normally has a stock of second-hand rifles; and you could always ask on the target shooting forum here.

    :) Now you've started prone shooting, you can always take up standing and kneeling shooting; that being the way, the truth, and the light. Think of target shooting as the kata of your gun-fu... :)
  7. Couldn't agree more.
  8. Sorry guys, yes, I want it to shoot targets.

    For outdoor/sport/hunting I'd go for the CZ as my local gun shop has a great deal on them, and they are well recommended by other guys in the club.

    There aren't many prone shooters in the club so that range is fairly quiet. This means I can shoot all night without the obligatory "10 rounds and out" rule :)..... it also means I can concentrate on quality shots, rather than just blasting away on automatic all night (read semi auto of course :))

    The club has a number of Anschutz rifles, and they are good to shoot with. I've recently been using a Martini action rifle of unknown make (at least to me), and though it is a cracking tool, the fore-end is somewhat rounded, so my grip tends to cant a little...... this means I am correcting with my trigger hand by pulling on the stock-grip. If I could get a Martini action with an Anschutz-type furniture, I'd be a happy bunny.

    Thanks for the info so far.
  9. Alsacien

    Alsacien LE Moderator

    The Martini is probably a BSA, common club rifle for beginners, but don't bother buying one.
    Any Anschutz, Walther or Feinwerkbau you can get for your budget will suit you well at this stage, check out different stocks if you can, and don't forget some are mainly for 3 position shooting.
    Don't forget to allow money for a decent jacket/sling/glove combo - and sights or diopter upgrades.
    Canting is normal for most people and sights can be adjusted to allow - hard to explain in words, but you basically tilt them both fore and rear to compensate.
  10. Ask at your local club might be some one upgrading but a Anchutz mod 54 will do fine job and you might get a fair bit of change as well

  11. I've got an Anschutz Match 64 in reasonable nick I'm willing to sell for £350. Still shoots lots better than me.
  12. I couldn't agree more. There's a reason why even regional-level shooters go out and get themselves a bespoke shooting jacket - it really does make a huge difference. If the jacket doesn't fit across your shoulders, the sling will slowly move on your arm, and your position will collapse over the course of ten shots (a note to the curious - we're not talking about a few seconds, or a minute, in the aim - for smallbore, you could be in the prone unsupported position for twenty minutes or more; the support and padding in the jacket prevents injury as much as it allows a relaxed aim).

    The £500 bespoke jacket is perhaps not the best spend of your money right now - you can get basic Thune or Monard jackets for £200 or so, and there's one lady in the UK who specialises in tailoring off-the-shelf shooting jackets to a perfect fit.

    Just don't, for the love of $DEITY, get yourself anything from Buttstop (even if your club does have a cupboard full of them).
  13. I would echo the comments regarding martinis, even the heavy-barrelled ones with chunky stocks. For a start, they are heavily obsolete which, if you break a part, could be a major issue.

    As for the canting issue, if you later want to expand into full bore shooting at different distances, do not under any circumstances cant the rifle when shooting smallbore! If you get into the habit as a novice, it will be hell to break it. On the other hand, if you learn as a novice to keep the rifle absolutely level and then decide that you want to get extremely serious with ISSF smallbore or 300 m, it is then easy to learn to cant to squeeze those extra couple of points over 60 shots.
  14. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    Dont buy a martini, yes I agree, if you want to try one to see what great rifles they were then drop me a line. You should be able to get one for free pretty much.
  15. Go for an Anschutz they can shoot the nadgers off a gnat, but get the best jacket you can,as you are going to by in the position for a long time

    Oh and good luck with your shooting, beware it's adictive