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Novel way of treating new recruits

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I see the RRW has a new approach to bullying

Todays press says that new recruits get treated to a nosh from the platoon sgt on entry to the block.

Better than a beasting??

Any chance of posting the source of the story? Amusing as it is, always nice to have our Arrse covered.... ;D
Sure thing daiy star page 21 so it must be true,
No he didn't roger them, just blew thier legs up, which i think is jolly unselfish

I wouldn't complain at a free nosh! so long as i didn't have to return the compliment
Lololololololl Page 21?

Blimey, someone got on the blower on that one.....


Can anyone expand on the story, don't have access to a copy of the Star......... ;D
;D ;D ;D

So it isn't just the Navy then?
Oh dear, inter-service rivalry or what?
Is this what is meant by blowing up the enemy and giving it to him good and hard (they don't like it up 'em!)?
Brings a whole new meaning to infantry manouevers.

;D ;D ;D
Pl Sgt Alledgedly been given a three yr sentence for sneaking in to the singly accomodation finding drunk passed out soldiers and giving them a nosh! :(

Apparently went to 4 Regt AAc but all the bedding had been swamped ;D ;D ;D

Apparently this all happened in Catterick and the guy is a pl sgt in 2bn RRW

Good news recruiting for the inf Div has gone throught the roof ;D ;D


I thought this kind of thing was srtictly for 3 Para Mortar Pl ! :eek:

Now your showing your age
Think you should retell the story for all the new guys.

Im off to be sick, keep that quiet though or Leanne will accuse me of eating it


[/colorURLWell its all changed since i was a recruit, they even made it look easy on that Lads Army programme!  I here recruits get duvets now, and that they have yellow and red cards like football referees for use against the training staff.  is this true?  Can you imagine in the middle of a beasting holding up your red card and the training corporal just trotting off and saying yer ok i been sent off!  What is the army coming to!1
Whats this about 3 Para Mortars? I know a bloke there  ::)

P.S. I'm a bloke visiting from the Australian version of this site (sort of) and if PomTom (his nickname when over here) is a member here...

Email me, scumbag!  :p
Well G'day Severian....

Welcome to our little corner of the net.

In the meantime, why is the posting function so dodgy on your site? 3 messages posted, and none show?

Well now your here, feel free to contribute, and bring some more of your maties  ;D


Ok,ok SPSI I'm coming......

Mr Happy

Tell us about 3 Para mortar platoon please.....  Lest I get locked with any of the hairy bu#gers soon..
Lets just say it involved a few members of the platoon, some beer, some todgers a bit of noshing and a surprised orderley officer. ;D

Craphat! perhaps they should be brown hatters
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