Novel Use of .45 Bullets

Mike Stannard (ex-Royal Anglian Regt.) in Las Vegas makes custom parts for 1/6th scale AFV's (his company is called 6th Scale Icons).

He does most of his own moulding and casting, and this is one of his moulds for Late Tiger 1 and Tiger 2 Muzzle Brakes:

I think this is brilliantly inventive. He said "Lego and 45's, always a perfect square mould and easy pull studs, it is a spin cast mould, size about 8" x 8", small really as my casting machine will take up to 18" moulds."


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I obviously appreciate the workmanship that goes into this, the man is clearly highly skilled, but one can't help but wonder, why doesn't he apply his talent to something useful like proper engineering? His model making skills would be transferable to a variety of things, like building real tanks for instance.

He'd get a lot more sex.

Just saying like.
He has found that doing something he actually WANTS to do makes him happy as well as providing him with a living. Who can blame him for that? And he's doing it in a place that people pay LOADS of money to visit for a week or so - so in my book, he's not so crazy as you might think. As for doing 'proper engineering', well, he might have done that already, or this effort may be just a sideline. A pal of mine in Finland build little boats for a hobby, and very nice they are, too, but he also builts bigger ones for his day job....STX Finland - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Just sayin'.


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