Novel solution to prison space crisis

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Ammoman, Oct 10, 2006.

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  1. Heres an idea, instead of letting the crims live in the lap of luxury, why not let them build their own prison. Get the outer perimeter constructed with all the relevant alarms, barbed wire, electrification etc, then dump the crims inside with relevant building materials. They live under canvas until the prison is built to the required standard. Cheap way of getting the work done, and they learn a skill at the same time as keeping them so tired that they don't cause any trouble.
  2. What you mean you want to treat criminals like they have done something wrong and discourage them from reoffending?

    Are you mad!!!?
  3. All sounds too fancy to me.

    Get them to build their own prison, and then give them Snatch Lannies to go out and earn their keep.

    I could think of a couple of countries where they might do some good (or harm depending on your religion).
  4. Isnt that how all prisons are built in the first place?
  5. BigRed wrote:
    Obviously I am, to propose a simple solution.
  6. cheaper one....Idi amin style!

    1 get prisoner in room and give him 16lb sledgehammer

    2. tell said prisoner if he kills the next one he gets to go free.

    3. when carnage is done give hammer to new guy and promise same.

    4. last guy is a winner! (then shoot the f**ker)

    Body disposal is given to other prisoners who "get a chance to go free next week as a thank you for doing this fine work!

    Job done
  7. Devil_Dog wrote:
    Maybe it used to be, but surely the contract is put out to tender nowadays, and whichever builder offers the biggest bri I mean lowest tender gets the job then goes massively overbudget to boost profits.
  8. If you sent these pieces of shit to a war zone, they could earn their freedom by going out and stealing the kit you need, but aren't issued. You'd just have to point them at the Americans, and before you know it, loads of gucci kit coming in!

    After you've got what you need, oops, friendly fire. job done.
  9. @ Datumhead
    The Idi Amin style would only work in a 3rd world country Oh hang on a minute.
  10. The prison in Milton Keynes was built by every criminal and villain in the city!
  11. It's not like I meant it in a bad way! Welcome to the Asylum, you don't have to be mad to work here but it helps...................
  12. Problem: Too many scum bag prisoners.

    Solution: Lethal injection, bury them in communal grave.
  13. daz

    daz LE

    I think they tried that before with the test group :D
  14. A not so novel soulution to prison overcrowding... Zyclon B!!