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Hello all,

I've recently filed several research proposals with the MoD CDE under their less-than-lethal weapons, adobe wall breaching and small arms fire detection calls. Some are under their general calls. Patents have been filed for all of these ideas.

While these proposals are under review and/or to increase my options, I'm presenting here a whirlwind summary of these ideas and am looking for partners/sponsors who want to jointly develop these with a view of getting a unique saleable product at the end, and sharing revenue.

The budget for all the studies are in the £50 - 60k range. The goal is to basically prove the technology, after which we can make a decision on how best to proceed given what we learn from the experimental demonstration.

I already have suppliers/workshops lined up to buy components and make the prototypes. Any other requirements can be discussed later.

I have been advised by my patent attorney to focus on what the inventions do or capabilities they enable, and discuss technical details of the idea under the additional protection of an NDA - templates of which I have and can provide to interested parties. Thus apologies in advance if the descriptions are a bit vague as this is a public forum.

Idea 1: Convenient sensitisation of novel energetics
  1. Nitromethane is an insensitive liquid explosive with twice the energy density of solid explosives such as TNT and HMX
  2. Prior art has focused on chemical (usually amine-based) and glass bead sensitisation approaches
  3. Both of these methods require homogeneous mixing which turns an otherwise insensitive warhead into a sensitive one
  4. The proposed novel method of sensitisation allows NM warheads to be sensitised conveniently in-situ or en route to the target
  5. The NM can still be safely stored in an insensitive form
  6. Compact yet extremely energetic, variable yield warheads would be enabled via this technology

Idea 2: Reduced collateral damage shaped charge jets
  1. Study will compare modified hollow charge liners with standard liners experimentally
  2. Intended to limit overpenetration
  3. Allows soldiers to overestimate the target thickness, with reduced probability of behind target collateral damage in the event of overmatch
  4. Maintains the element of surprise
  5. Has been reviewed by an independent expert in the field with 30 years of shaped charge warhead design & development experience. He has agreed to be a subcontractor in the design, manufacture and testing process of the novel SC jets

Idea 3: Universal lightweight rifle lethality attenuator
  1. A low cost, lightweight modification to existing service rifles
  2. The same product can be used to attenuate the lethality of different rifles
  3. Highly visible so that adversaries know that less-than-lethal force is being deployed
  4. Soldiers can quickly switch between lethal/LtL modes for their rifles

Idea 4: Reduced lethality 40mm grenade systems
  1. Does not add significant encumbrance to the soldier
  2. Backwards compatible with existing weapons/ammo
  3. Sorry...saying anything more gives the game away - it is remarkably simple yet novel

Idea 5: Another LtL device
  1. Suitable for signalling, warning or intimidating potential adversaries. Also suitable for intent discrimination
  2. Time persistent, endurance time estimated at 20 minutes with no further modifications from the original design
  3. Operational range exceeds 100m
  4. Low cost per device

Idea 6: Novel less-than-lethal grenade
  1. Uses a never-seen-before time-persistent approach to control crowds or provide signalling/warning capability
  2. Modifications to the basic design allows the grenade to be fully represented across the entire force escalation spectrum
  3. Funding is required for a proof-of-concept demonstrator
  4. I have already commissioned a workshop to build a simple desktop embodiment using my own personal (and limited) funds
  5. Can also be used for building/compound clearance
  6. Significant development potential for more sophisticated embodiments

Idea 7: Convenient wall breaching charges
  1. Current adobe wall breaching in Afghanistan is achieved using bar mines
  2. Bar mines are rigid devices that are cumbersome for infantry to carry
  3. Bar mines do not use their explosive energy efficiently to breach walls
  4. A compact package for wall breach charges that also efficiently uses their explosive energy, is proposed

Idea 8: Small arms fire detectors #1
  1. Powered system for deployment around bases and vehicles
  2. Detects gunfire origins and presents the intelligence to soldiers quickly/intuitively (no LCD displays to fiddle with while being shot)
  3. Capable of protecting bases and vehicles from small arms fire, RPGs and mortars. Designed to work against the common RPG-7 to the dreaded RPG-30
  4. Two proof of concept studies are needed: one to determine the efficacy as a SAF detector, second to estimate the probability of defeating incoming Rockets, Artillery and Mortars (RAM)

Idea 9: Small arms fire detectors #2
  1. Portable, lightweight, low cost
  2. Novel application of proven civilian technologies
  3. Intuitive and rapid feedback to soldiers, also no fiddling with LCD screens in a gunfight
  4. Multi-platform solution

Idea 10: On demand battlefield logistics
  1. A method for rapidly transporting equipment in contested areas
  2. Modifies existing platforms
  3. Can be used to resupply infantry in the field, therefore reducing the amount of equipment they are burdened with
  4. Low development and deployment costs
  5. Puts much fewer personnel at risk of enemy interdiction
  6. Suitable for transporting water, fuel, food, ammo
  7. All terrain and all weather capability
  8. Resistant to enemy action

Idea 11: Heavily armoured or deeply buried target defeat
  1. An extension of proven hollow charge warhead technology
  2. Modification to the conventional hollow charge warhead configuration would yield penetration capabilities in excess of metres of RHA steel
  3. Extreme penetration capabilities allows warheads to detonate at larger standoffs (beyond the ranges of present/anticipated hard kill active defence systems) whilst still ensuring target defeat to a high probability
  4. Overwhelms passive armour, ERA bricks or hard kill active defense systems
  5. Concept can be adapted for defeating deeply buried bunkers using non-nuclear means

Looking forward to your response,

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