Novel gift for the Other Half...ARRSE pants!

Discussion in 'The Other Half' started by Goatman, Oct 11, 2011.

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  1. Goatman

    Goatman LE Book Reviewer

    ( Formal request to Mods - this is dead serious, so any f'naar, f'narr comments kindly transport kicking and screaming to the thread started by The_Snail over in the Naafi Bar if you please. VMTs )

    AHEM.....Roll up, roll up........gents, sort a pair of Arrse undies out for the little lady in your life ! ( or indeed for discreet outings in that natty little black number in your Bergen, whichever catches your fancy )

    Ladies - these are all the rage on the Winter catwalks of Milan, Paris worn that nice Claudia WasserName-Justaddasprogg

    As described in glowing detail by our very own consumer watchperson Madame 'Escargot AND as road-tested by .dolly (no, the running one not the RAF one) , these high quality garments are available EXCLUSIVELY to Arrse readers at the knock down, drag'em out guaranteed lowest discount price of

    £11.99 a pair + £1.50 P&P.


    Sizes Small (8-10) medium (10-12) large (12-14)
    colours – white or pale blue with green print .

    Delivery before Christmas. Paypal or cheque.

    ( also available as a thong rather than ‘boy shorts’ ) PM me your requirements

    and lets rock & roll dangit !

    I remain,Yr Obdt Servant ,

    Don Cabra

    (SSAFA Forces Help is a Registered Charity 210760 Est 1885 Home )
  2. If only my missus would look that good wearing them! :(
  3. What about boyfriends? Oh **** it he's a **** anyway.
  4. I am shocked that you don't do size 18 - 20.

    This is arrse for gods sake.
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  5. Do they come in ... used?
  6. Goatman

    Goatman LE Book Reviewer

    EOD Matt - I refer the Honourable Member (and, my lords, I use the term advisedly) to the thread in The Badger's Arrse....No Sir, the apparel is unissued, brand spanking new.....may i take your order ?

    Jarrod - if required I suspect a pair of manly boxers can be produced for the discerning bloke.PM me if gen requirement .

    Moany-B - yes, I know .......the people who produce the Hanes ones only go to Size 16 - but can make enquiries if you are just too big around the Arrse to fit ( as a 40 chest I know Size 16 is a tad tight on me these days...sigh)
  7. As a lucky recipient of a pair of Goaty's pants... err... for trial and review for a cause as good as SSAFA I'm pleased to conclude as knickers go they're a hit.

    My day-to-day underwear of choice isn't usually quite this 'substantial', however once on and warmed up I was pleasantly surprised at their comfort and lack of bulk. They're 95% cotton and 5% spandex with permits just enough 'give' when you need it.

    I didn't run any distance in these so don't know how they'd stand up to that kind of abuse, but have worn them under suit trousers, a dress and jeans as well as lycra at the gym and as someone very particular about VPL I'm pleased to report these pants only display a minimal amount and remained comfy. At the risk of going into too much detail they have a double gusset (a fine word) which is of a useful and comfortable width. Size wise I have a Medium, which is fine with a little bit of room.

    They launder well and unless you're one of those weirdos who irons their grundies the printed ARRSE logo isn't a problem, neither is it a problem with where it's sited.

    The bottom line is they're pretty good whatever preference the lady(ies) in your life has in the underwear department. I certainly wouldn't mind finding a pair of these in my stocking at Christmas.
  8. They'd need to be substantial to get around you my dear.
  9. I take it that you've never met .Dolly, Jarrod, she's nowhere near as big as the Dolly you have met.
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  10. Ahh gotcha.
  11. Seeing as crap apologies are in vogue don't I get one?
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  12. I also have a pair of them. The boy shorts version, because I look like a boy.

    They are well comfy, and don't ride up your minky or ricker, which is always a good thing.

    Well worth a purchase.
  13. Goatman

    Goatman LE Book Reviewer

    Thanks ladies for the ringing endorsement. I am pleased to report first order now recvd - roll up, roll up, ladies and gents - get them, while they're hot.... :judge:

    ( and Jarrod - straight face on - if you think there is mileage in blokey boxer shorts (sand ?) with the Arrse logo let me know and I will inwestigate.....and our .dolly has a smaller arris than many on here on account of being a mad Running Imp who will be tracking round the Great South Run this Sunday if you want to come along and show her your well-thumbed support ?)

    ...and now if Modom will briefly state her requirements I will cause the stockroom apprentice to scamper down to the General Post Office at once ?

    £11.99 a pair + £1.50 P&P.


    Sizes Small (8-10) medium (10-12) large (12-14)
    colours – white


    pale blue with green print .

    Delivery before Christmas. Paypal or cheque.

    PM me your requirements
  14. I'm sure men would buy the boxers.
    edited to add i'm not going south to see people run, that's just daft.
  15. Goatman

    Goatman LE Book Reviewer

    << BUMP >>

    Roll up roll the little lady in your life something to go with that wicked twinkle in your eye she loves so much.....the fabulous 'Seen your Arrse? ' hot pants.....sizes currently in stock SMALL (8-10 ) and MEDIUM (12 -14 )

    I would post a current picture but all the ladies on arrse who are the proud owners are too shy....


    STOP PRESS as not worn by that Aussie bird off 'Im a Celeb - where's my cheque?', the delicious Flavia from 'Strictly' and.... er...The Choir's Gareth Malone and all the Soldiers Wives on their Christmas smash hit single .

    Going like hot cakes - order now in time for Christmas delivery...I have 6 pairs left in stock but can re-order as required.

    ALL proceeds to SSAFA Forces Help.

    PM me for details,

    G'wan,g'wan,GO ON ! You know you want to !

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