NOTW to close.

The BBC is reporting that sources have said that this Sundays edition will be the last!

Just waiting for a link to come up...

I suppose that Murdoch can't allow NoW to bring down other business interests!
The ticker on the BBC news website has announced that the NOTW is to shut after this Sunday's edition.

A publicity stunt or an attempt to lance the boil?


Sorry for the duplication but I did check the front page first... honest!


Its about bloody time. Hopefully they'll bring back the Sunday Sport in its place.
no doubt he'll relauch a new sunday paper, untouched by the crap from NOTW, the public will be gulliable enough to swallow it

nothing to do with doing the right thing and all to do with his profit margin


Yep, upon hearing that the WOs & Sgt's Mess at Leconsfield had cancelled their order, the Dirty Digger threw his hands up in despair and said "That's it lads...we're****ed". A spokesman for NI commented, that they were shitting themselves in case the Mess in Worthy Down cancelled their satellite TV subscription.
Ah,but as this an announcement by a Murdoch,how do we know it is the truth?.

If true,watch for an even worse tabloid to replace it when the dust settles.

On the other hand,maybe now is the time for campaigners to push for the NoTW,s sister title,the Sun to close as well.

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