NOTW E Bty article

Discussion in 'Gunners' started by Snakes_R_Us, Aug 29, 2004.

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  1. Was reading todays News Of The World when I came across the piece about E Bty.

    Is it me or did the fact that Gnr SAMANTHA Cox get written up for not doing anything different to the other five male soldiers in the vehicle with her?

    I liked the bit where it said that she gave medical aid when the warriors returned with the wounded and that Major Bradley life was saved only by the immediate help of medics such as her.

    This is not an anti female thing just an anti Arty PR thing.
  2. Didn't know Sam Fox was still working.

    And where did you get NOTW? Can't wrestle it off the COS in my mess.
  3. now LBdr cox didnt do anything different
  4. Would you happen to know where an online link to this would be?
    My opinon with out reading it though, is better PR if a woman is placed into the media then the men. Think of all the great responses they would have from the female public.

    Cheers 2CB
  5. Let me tell you Cox did nothing special throughout the tour, just that she has a big gob and taklks too much. Besides how can looking at that f*t git be great for PR.
  6. Now now Spunky did she knock you back or something :oops:
  7. You must be joking
  8. without revealing my identity, I know who she worked for
  9. I'm sure she did ok! Mind you, the love swing she had with her Bdr boyfriend now has pride of place in one of the Messes - with a hefty dip in its top bar!
  10. this story gets better and better are you going to elaborate goatbag
  11. Due to newly imposed weight restrictions on the swing (due to supporting bar bending), it now only takes one man. The six foot Ferrari caused immense damage to it and it has now retired to a sedate mess.
  12. Cox drives me insane, the entire BBC documentary devoted to my fine regiment had the fat bloater and other similar losers spouting absolute boll###s about supposed incidents they had played a part in, she did nothing, she'll do nothing and she'll never amount to nothing. She continues to make a mockary out of the army by breathing.
  13. So your not impressed then chargetemp? :D
  14. goatbagthedruid -Whats it like to be looking at the back end of a six foot (Bedford) Ferrari all day.
  15. could be surpressed affection :?: