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Current Events denziens,

I finally shifted my ARRSE to look up ownership of News of the World, to see who stands to make money off the recent abuse allegations. What a's a News Corp paper. Owned by Rupert Murdoch along with The Sun and The Times.

It's political economy in action. The above papers don't love OR hate the Army...News Corp are completely indifferent to you, and will only run what makes money. Full stop. The only power any of us have is to encourage our friends and relatives to stop reading these rags. Not that any effect should be expected, due to the fact that the public remains addicted to sop and shock headlines.

Sorry if the above has already been posted. I also thought this is a cool website to poke around on in general, in case you're a geek like me and curious about who controls what media outlets:

Who Owns What: CJR's Guide to Major Media Ownership
Good spot TY. Frenchie will be on having kittens in a minute saying 'ooh ooh see I told you'. :D
Currant Bun
Seen today's Sun front page? All about how disgusting it is that convicted killer Learco Chindamo had a day out from Ford Prison.
If you haven't read it, here's a link,,2-2006080368,00.html
Terrible, isn't it?

Pompey , sorry I've had to remove the second part of your post, as I can't find a reference to it?

Could you PM me a link to a reputable source that confirms that?


Mate can you stop that? His whole post doesn't add up now! :x
Sorry Ord, Pompey made a statement that had me thinking 'oh feck" . I looked it up , but couldn't find a reference to it. Rather than strike his reply out, because he made a very good (albeit legally iffy to Arrse until confirmed) point which could be re-instated once he could point out a reference to it.

I've PM'med Pompey , and hopefully he can provide a link.

Hunting down a reference now. It's a fairly open fact, but because it took place in 1977, there is not much on the 'net about it.

"In 1977, The Sun's industrial editor John Kay...."
Thanks Pompey.
Oo, could you be referring to the story in Chris Horrie's 'Stick it Up Your Punter' unofficial history of the Sun? :D
B_I_N_G_O said:
Oo, could you be referring to the story in Chris Horrie's 'Stick it Up Your Punter' unofficial history of the Sun? :D
That would be the one. I'm looking for an actual news source while I take a break from mangling my US tax forms.
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